Henry Baltimore (1940-2018) was the victim in Neighborhood Block Murder (Case #1 of Toomeswood


Henry was a 78 year old leader of the Parental Advisory Committee at Dr.B.A.Pearman Elementary School. He had white slicked back hair and blue eyes under horn rimmed glasses. Henry also sported a white polo shirt and a light blue sweater with beige pants as well as teal crocs.

Murder Details

Henry was found poisoned at the Black Trainbridge by Jordan and the player, who was identified by Coroner Tazia Revelstoke. During the autopsy despite holding a grudge against the victim, Tazia revealed that he ingested rat poison that had laced in his tea and found a pool playing stick that he had confiscated, revealing that the killer played pool. Also Lab Chief Lucas Langley-Merritt examined an orange substance found not only in the killer's sandwich bag left at a local elementary school, but that Tazia found on the victim's thermos, deducing that the killer ate Take It Cheezy snacks.

Mid-investigation, Tazia committed further insubordination against the Chief's orders (the first act being that she showed disrespect to the anti-weed advocates via the middle finger) by breaking into the victim's home, for which she was arrested. After Jordan and the player stopped Tazia from going too far, the team found a burnt joint. After having Lucas analyze the joint, he confirmed it belonged to the killer, confirming that the killer smoked weed.

Later on in the investigation, the team found a CCTV in the school playground. Per, Tech Expert Jonah Westminster's analysis, the killer was revealed to wear white clothing. The team also found an empty rat poison vial which Lucas confirmed to be the murder weapon, he also found light hair samples from the killer which revealed that the killer had blond hair.

Relationship with Suspects

Brad Ryder was the one to discover the Henry's body and corroborated Tazia's identification of the victim as the two often bumped into each other due as Henry appointed himself the neighborhood block watch captain and often patrolled the community. Brad also drew a monstrous caricature of the victim as he intended to have several local businesses shut down that the hiker frequented such as his favourite candy store as the victim felt that such stores were a public nuisance due to being "too flashy and tacky". Miguel Esposito denied knowing the victim, that he only took the job of being a school custodian to be close to his daughter who is in the custody of his ex-wife who divorced him for his family's shady criminal activities. It was later revealed that he pretended to not know the victim as the latter not only often mocked and insulted his socioeconomic status but often made it clear that the former was a pariah. The victim even went as far as to expose him as an illegal immigrant and have him deported back to Mexico, thus Miguel retaliated by leaving a threatening message in Spanish. Darcy Keller told the team that Henry was a popular man among the wealthy members of the school and the community. However, she was later revealed to have ordered stoner Sean Crackton to vandalize the victim's property in order to damage the property value and alienate him from his inner circle as he was despised by the students, especially his own grandchildren who felt alienated by the victim's actions for allegedly cutting funding for field trips prompting the kindergarten teacher to fund the field trips by selling weed brownies for which the victim had her invesigated with the intention of having her fired, as well as her relationship with Miguel. Todd Merowitz was found soliciting his services near the victim's property for the purpose of intentionally upsetting the conservative neighbourhood. He was also discovered to have an adoptive son, whom the victim called social services to have taken from his care as he felt adoption should only be for straight Christian couples and that sex workers were criminals; also the victim believed Todd's son to be the devil which prompted the prostitute to order a coffin to bury him in as a threat. Sean considered the victim his arch-nemesis due to the fact that the victim was the leader of an activist group that sought to criminalize weed. Although, he vandalized the victim's property at Darcy's behest, Sean told the team that he would have vandalized the property anyway with or without the schoolteacher's prompting.

Killer and Motives

The killer turned out to be Sean. Initially denying involvement, he admitted to the crime.

Sean found out that Henry planned to murder his boyfriend, Brad by lacing rat poison in his weed to "teach him a lesson". Wanting to protect not only the couple's weed but Brad as well, Sean broke into the Henry's home to poison his tea before the victim could carry out his sinister plot. Judge Whiterock, while sympathetic as she uses weed as well, chastised him citing that murdering Henry will only further the anti-weed activist group's attempt to push for criminalization of weed before sentencing him to 13 years in prison, devastating Brad.


  • Henry shares the first name with and bears a slight resemblance to Henry Balkan, a minor villain in the 2002 movie Spider-Man portrayed by actor Jack Betts.

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