General information
Founder Alfred Grantham
Established 1845
Country Flag of United States United States of America
No. of districts/regions 7
Inhabitants Americans
Population 30,000
Primary LEA Hellsylvania Police Department
Key figures Samantha Humphrey (Mayor)
Alan Graves (Chief of Police)
Appears in Criminal Case (s1)
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Hellsylvania is a city used as the main setting for the first season of Criminal Case.

Located in the United States of America, Hellsylvania is a metropolitan city divided into a total of seven districts. The first fifty-two cases of the game are located across this city.

The Hellsylvania Police Department (HPD) is the law enforcement agency that serves the city of Hellsylvania.


The city of Hellsylvania was founded by Alfred Grantham in 1845. It is known that Alfred, at some point in his life, settled in Grantham Square—a district of the city—along with his pet dog, Livingstone.

According to Alfred's descendant, Adam Grantham, Hellsylvania was only the leftovers of a small Native American settlement before his ancestor built it.


The city of Hellsylvania features seven districts, each with unique scenery and composition. They are named Sun-dried Seaside, Grantham Square, Frozen Forest, Grantham University, Little Italia, Powderkeg Pass, and The Wastes.

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