Doctor found dead in the hospital. Catch this killer before they operate again
—Case #11 Teaser
Hello, Doc
Season 1
City Metrocity
District Setil Fields
Case Number 11
Date of Release July 7th, 2019
Partner(s) David Mad
Preceded by Succeeded by
Sadness from the Start The End of Setils
Hello, Doc is fifth case in Setil Fields, and eleventh case overall in Metrocity.


Carl Setil got a job as a doctor in a hospital. The Team went to visit him on the first day.


When The Team got to the hospital, they saw Phillip Zuinca freaked out. He told that Carl was killed and that the body is in the Surgery Room. David estimated that Carl was killed with a scalpel.

After talking to Phillip, David and The Player decided to tell victim's wife, Mary Setil, what happend. She was very shocked when she found out what happened. After investigateing victim's house, David and The Player talked to Zvonimir Setil, as it was found out that he had arguments with Carl. Later it was found out that two other children, Michaela Setil and Lorenzo Setil, also had arguments with Carl about who should get the throne after his death (Michaela is older, but Lorenzo is first-born son). Michaela and Lorenzo also had arguments between two of them. It was later also found out that Mary wanted a divorce because she cought Carl cheating.

Killer turned out to be Phillip Zuinca. He said that he killed Carl because he was in love with Mary and because he is the member of UMBRA. He was sentenced 40 years in prison.

After the investigation was over, King Matthew Setil showed up at the staion telling them that all of Carl's and Mary's kids were kidnapped. After speaking to Mary, it was reveald that at the time of kidnapping, Zvonimir was at home, Lorenzo was also at home, but Michaela wasn't it was later reveald that she was with her boyfriend, whose identety is unknown. The team decided to search for the children. Later, it was revealed where are the children.



  • Carl Setil (found with scalpel in his heart)

Murder Weapon:

  • Scalpel


  • Phillip Zuinca


Phillip Zuinca - victim's coworker

Mary Setil - victim's wife

Zvonimir Setil - victim's son

Michaela Setil - victim's daughter

Lorenzo Setil - victim's son


Matthew Setil - King of Metrocity

Crime Scenes

Surgery Room Table Surgery Room Bonus
Victim's House TV Victim's House Bonus
Lorenzo's Room Laptop Lorenzo's Room Bonus

Killer's Profile

  • The Killer know anatomy
  • The Killer knows cyrillic.
  • The Killer goes to the gym
  • The Killer is male
  • The Killer is older then 40.
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