Heaven's Fall
Type Cult
Headquarters Palmwood
Formation TBD
Founded by TBD
Leader The Seven Idols (Serpenti, Vulpes, Ursa, Capra, Aper, Leo, and Draco)
Years active TBD - 2019
Enemies Palmwood Police Department
Motto Fall caelum est scriptor (Heaven's Fall)
Appearance(s) Season One of Criminal Case
Heaven's Fall is a secret society featured in the first season of Criminal Case, appearing as the main antagonist of Season One.

Known Members:

The Seven Idols

  • Serpenti - Annalise Thornton
  • Vulpes - TBD
  • Ursa - TBD
  • Capra - TBD
  • Aper - TBD
  • Leo - TBD
  • Draco - TBD

Other Members

  • Harry Macnamara (arrested)
  • Jessica Ward (arrested)
  • Valentino Boyd (dead)

Murders Committed

  • Madeline Ward - killed by her own mother, Jessica Ward.
  • Kimberly Pope - killed by Annalise Thornton to create chaos in the city.
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