Larry: Hey cous. Wake up, It's nearly 4am. We don't want you missing your birthday
Edward: Larry. What are you doing here. You died
Larry: I may have died but that doesn't mean I can wish you a happy birthday
Larry: Come on wake uppppppppppppppppppp {Larry melts to be replaced by Edmon}
Edward: O-Oh god
Edmon: You really think you can escape from your dreams. It's not that easy!
Edmon: Your family are all toxic and now it's your turn to die
Edmon: We all know how weak and useless you are Edward. Why don't you just...
{Edmon melts to be replace with Lewis}
Edward: There's an exit right there. I need to run
Lewis: No point in running. You don't understand do you
{Edward ran to the doorway and heard gunshots before waking up}
Taylor: Dude. Are you alright? You were shaking and shouting for no reason
Edward: S-Stand back. T-This much be a dream
Taylor: A dream. I don't think so
Edward: W-Where's Edmon, Lewis and Larry
Taylor: Two are died and one's in prison
Taylor: Wait...Did you have that dream again?
Edward: *Slowly nods* Y-Yes
Taylor: Understandable. Just try and sleep again.
Edward: N-No
Taylor: Alright. That dream has really taken a number on you haven't it?
Taylor: I sometimes have nightmares about my past lover that left me because I was non-Binary
Edward: S-Sorry
Taylor: Don't be. That guy was a...
Edward: Don't swear
Taylor: Pair of mouldy bananas
Taylor: Anyway get dress. Let's play a game
Edward: But it's like 4am
Taylor: Soooooooo. Doesn't mean we can't play games
Edward: But Harold
Taylor: What, Our uncle? He's like 130 years old. Have you seen how many white hairs he has
Edward: He's going to kill you if he hears that
Taylor: He can go to hell. Get dress or I get Edward...
Edward: But I'm Edward
Taylor: Really. Didn't noticed and I meant my snake!
Edward: Fine. Where are we meeting?
Taylor: Outside in half an hour?
Edward: You're on!
After some time; In the Looper Rochester's gardens
Taylor: Oh look who choose to turn up and just in time
Harold: Is it Edward's turn?
Taylor: Yes. Put the mask on him
{The mask went on and everything went dark}
Harold: How many fingers am I holding up?
Edward: I-I'm not sure. 5?
Harold: You were always good at guessing. Let me spin you around and then we'll begin
{You were Spun round}
Harold: Edward. You must put this rubber arrow on the deer
Edward: A-Alright
Edward: T-Taking my first step
Edward: {Felling over} W-Whoa
William: Oh dear. Don't worry. I have you.
Edward: W-Will?
William: Yes Edward?
Edward: What are you doing here
William: Not sure. Anyway. Turn round
{Edward does so and Harold gave them tickets}
Harold: For your next quest. You and Will must go to the Museum and solve a mystery
William: We can go in my car. Come on Edward
{At the museum}
Ben: Ah. Good day sirs. Are we alright?
William: We are here for a "Mystery" set up by a Mr. Harold Looper Rochester
Ben: Oh sorry but that event was cancelled. We found a dead body in the space area
William: No worries sir. Edward is a police officer. Show us the body.
Edward: Why am I always dragged into things...Even on my birthday

Chapter 1 - The Artist and the Looper

Investigate Space Exhibition
William: Well there's the body. Anything you notice about it Edward
Edward: Not really but the bad hairstyle will give me nightmares
William: Edward. Stop being mean about someone haircut. I believe you also found two clues?
Edward: A coded note and a faded letter
William: Good good. Also do you want to talk to Ben. He was the one who showed us the body
Edward: Seems like a smart move. Let's talk to him

Talk with Ben about the murder
Ben: Did you find the body?
Edward: Yes but we do have some questions
William: Firstly when did you find the body?
Ben: I found it when I opened up for the event. I don't remember what time but it was
Edward: Why didn't you call the Parinaita police force?
Ben: I have busy days. I can't do everything at once
William: Of course sir. Please don't move in case we have anymore questions

Examine Coded Message
Edward: This coded message is confusing since it doesn't seem to have any words or something
William: Does it have a barcode?
Edward: Yes
William: Good. We'll take a look at that then!

Examine Bar Codes
William: Who does the barcode belong to?
Edward: A shop called "Baker and sons". Aren't they that news site that talks about girls all the time
William: I believe they are. I don't listen to that junk. Who's the owner?
Edward: Some Ian Bris
William: Okay. Let's go and question him

Question Ian Bris about the coded message
Edward: Mr. Bris, We found clues that you were at the Museum today
Ian: Of course I was. I took some of my baes with me too
William: But what were you doing here before hours?
Ian: Before hours? I thought there wasn't a time limit and I needed to talk to him
William: Do you happen to know the victim?
Ian: Yes. He was Dennis Cornerstone
Edward: How did you know the victim
Ian: I have my reasons. I must go now because I have girls wondering where I've gone. See you later

Examine Faded Letter
William: The faded letter turned out to be a riddle. Let me read it
William: Remember when you were young, When you were a bundle of joy, We always went here and while the adults had a drink. You went and has fun in t-"
Edward: That's the rainy fork's pub play area
William: Really now. Let's investigate there!

Investigate Rainy Fork Play Area
Edward: Where has William wondered off too. Anyway. I found a strange metal device and a box of things. I should really get on with it
William: Sorry Edward. I was just buying something. Do what you're doing
Edward: Okay

Examine Device
William: So the device has a name on it. It's Tanya Lawson. I don't know who they are but she must be around. Let's have a word with her!

Talk to Tanya about the device
Tanya: Hello. What can I do for you
Edward: We're here because we found a dead body belonging to Dennis Cornerstone
Tanya: Wait. He's dead? Finally
Edward: A man is dead and all you can say is "Finally"?
Tanya: Well he did try to hurt my husband and I had to deal with it so I'm happy he's gone
Chris: Tanya. Ready for the party that me and you are going to?
Tanya: Yes Chris. Come on. Let's go!
Tanya: Sorry I can't help.
William: Enjoy your partying while you still can because your partying days are over if it is revealed that you killed Dennis
Chris: Don't talk to my wife like that. Please move along before I get the police
{Tanya and Chris leaves}
William: But Edward is a police officer
Edward: Oh well. Never mind. Let's carry on with the investigation

Examine Box
William: You seemed to have found some shampoo and a box of something
Edward: Well firstly the shampoo is for people with long hair.
William: How do you know that?
Edward: Because Larry used it all the time
Edward: What's in the box?
William: {Opens the box} Some strange paper things
Edward: Them strange paper things are Origami. Which means one thing
William: Which is?
Edward: For one, Our killer has long hair and knows Origami!

Later; In the Museum
William: I'm looking at everything you got and nothing seemed conneted
Edward: I was hoping for a murder less birthday.
William: I know but hey. You're amazing at this. Anyway
William: We have the victim, Dennis, But it's unconfirmed how he was murdered
Edward: We also have three suspects
Edward: Ben claimed to know the victim only because he didn't notice the victim going in
William: We also have Ian Bris who was too busy looking after his baes
William: We also-
Edward: You alright?
William: Did I heard something creaking
{Edward's chair fell backward and Larry appeared}
Larry: What's up. I'm alive again!
Edward: W-What the hell!?

Chapter 2 - Under the Mysteries

William: Nothing seems to be connecting this case very well
Edward: We have 3 suspects and a victim
Edward: Why is it so cold in her-
{The screen went black and Larry appears}
Larry: Hey cous. I'm alive in your mind
Edward: What the hell!?
Larry: Listen Edward. You're not right. You're letting Edmon and Lewis control your life. You need to close off the portal between them both
Edward: I-I tried but I-I can't
Larry: Yes you can. Fight the bad energy for William
Edward: But it hurts
Larry: It might hurt but the family are worried about you. Fight it!
Edward: IT HURTS!
Larry: You need to put your trust in me, William and Taylor. We're trying to help you but you always seem to block it out. Why?
Larry: You can tell me cous. I will listen and I always will
Edward: They were people I put my trust in but they ended up destroying my trust. I'm worthless to everyone if they're going to just betray me...
Larry: Edward...
Edward: Yes?
Larry: You're not worthless. Don't ever say that. You helped so many people. You did a better job then I ever did. You arrested Lewis and Justin Martyn and every wrong doer. Please don't beat yourself up. It's not good for yourself
Edward: I-I'm trying but my mind is destroyed...Why did you have to die. How much do you remember
Larry: I remember Lewis swinging the axe at me and you being an amazing cousin but you seemed to be worried about yourself and me...I can make one wish come true
Edward: When did you turn into that lamp person?
Larry: Dead people can do that...What is your wish?
Edward: Y-You to be alive...
Larry: Okay. I'll have a word with god and see what he says. Please remember our motto. See you there {He clicked his fingers and everything went back to normal}
William: Edward. Are you alright? You seemed to blackout there.
Edward: W-We need to get to Larry's tomb NOW!
Edward: Get The family as well!
William: Edward. Calm down. What happened when you blacked out
Edward: No time to explain. We NEED to get to Larry's tomb
William: Okay. Please stay calm. We'll go there now then
At Larry's Tomb
Looper Rochester family: What is going on here?
William: Edward wanted to bring us here for some reason.
Taylor: Edward. What's going on?
{Knocking came from the tomb}
Taylor: Someone's in there. We need to get them out now
After opening the tomb
Larry: {Larry's hand appears} Give me a hand
Looper Rochesters:......
Harold: Well don't just stand there. Get him out!
{The family helped Larry out}
Harold: S-Son. Is that...really you
Larry: Yes father. It's really me. Edward wished me alive
Harold: O-Oh my god {He hugged his son and didn't let go}
Larry: Taylor. We will need a word about Edward
Taylor: Alright but let's all move to the side. I think Edward and William should carry on
Harold: I don't know what you did Edward but...thank you
William: Let's carry on Edward

Investigate Larry's Tomb
William: So what did you find here after that happened
Edward: I found a golden Heart with something edged into it. We can dust that
Edward: There was also this remote control. Maybe cutting the wires will help give us a clue
William: Very well. Get going because we have no time to loss!

Examine Golden Heart
Edward: The message reads "I will kill you for what you did to my wife!"
William: Is it signed by anyone?
Edward: Yes. By a Chris Lawson.
William: Chris. Wasn't he that man who went with his wife to the party. We better go and question you right now

Question Chris about the threat to the victim
Chris: Oh dear lord. I told you two to leave me alone. Can you PLEASE or else I'll call the police
Edward: I am the police though
Chris: Oh. I see. What have I done now?
William: According to a golden heart we found. The victim did something to your wife. What happened
Chris: He hurt her. What do you think?
Chris: And I won't say anymore. Please leave and if you want to question my wife. Go ahead but then you MUST get out!
Edward: We would like to question her if you don't mind

Ask Tanya about what the victim did
William: Mrs. We found out that the victim hurt you and we wish to ask you questions
Tanya: Dennis was a horrible person but one day he broke into my house
Tanya: He threaten to kill me if I didn't give him any money but I refused because know how to stay calm
Tanya: However he started hitting me with something that felt like a hammer...It was very painful
Tanya: Me and Chris did learn to do Origami though and it helped me.
Tanya: I'm not going to hide my hate for the man and I not sad that he's gone but I learned to fight him
Edward: We hope you didn't kill Dennis because he hurt you

Examine Remote Control
William: So you cut the wires but the screen seems to be broken. Maybe fixing it will tell us something
Edward: Sounds good to me

Examine Broken Screen
William: So the broken screen was a location. It's revealed to be somewhere named Rose Hall Childcare
Edward: That's where I was born. We should go there right away!

Investigate Rose Hall's Childcare
William: There was a note pad here. I agree. We should look though it and maybe dust it
Edward: Also that cookie tray might be hiding something. Let's have a look

Examine Note Pad
William: How interesting. Some images were on the note pad but I can't tell you what they mean
Edward: Wait. It's showing the murder. Look. There's Dennis having wax poured into his mouth and there's his killer
William: You're right... What can we learn about the killer
Edward: Well the killer seems to have something in their hands
William: That's the wax ti-
William: No. It's a hair gel tin which means our killer uses hair gel
Edward: We're getting close!

Examine Tray of Cookies
William: So the tray revealed a message which says "We should meet up another time" and that was from Jane Queens. She's a teacher here so we should go and question her

Ask Jane about the message
Jane: Hello dears. How are we? What can I help you with?
Edward: We found out that you were going to meet Dennis. Why?
Jane: Just a Reunion. It's been ages since I saw him and I wanted to see him again
Edward: I'm sorry but Dennis was found murdered in the museum
Jane: M-Murdered? Oh dear. How horrible.
Jane: We were going to do origami with me. I will miss him fully
William: Please stay here while the investigation happens

Outside of the childcare building
William: So let's recap. We went to Larry's tomb and found out that Chris was angry at the victim for hitting his wife and no wonder
Edward: We also have Jane as a suspect who was going to meet the victim
William: And we also found out that the killer uses hair gel
Edward: Something doesn't seem right here
Harold: Edward, William. Come fast. There has been a surprising find!

Chapter 3 - A Surprising Garden

Calm down, Friend. This section is soon to be added.

Arrest Killer

Edward: Wait. What's going on. There's no way ALL of you are the killers
Suspects: Yep. It's true but we have reasons.
William: I can't wait to hear this. Why did you kill Dennis?
Dennis: No one killed me. It was all part of the Mystery event
Edward: What do you mean...I thought it was cancelled
Ben: That what we wanted you to think but your uncle Harold, Wanted you to solve a "Murder" for your birthday before something happened
William: Yeah...I think it's time to say that I was part of this birthday gift as well
Edward: But I-It was cancelled
Chris: The mystery event wasn't cancelled we just wanted to surprise you
Edward: W-Why?
William: Because you're the birthday boy and we wanted to make it an amazing one so we thought about giving you a quest birthday where you think there was a murder and then lead you on a quest of a pretend murder investigation
Edward: I did wonder why the PPD didn't get called
William: Happy birthday Edward
Edward: T-Thanks guys...You did amazing...

Additional Investigation: One Last Night

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