Hattori Nakamaro
Gender Male
Nationality Flag of Japan.png Japan
Residence Tokyo, Japan
Appearance(s) Death at First Sight

Hattori Nakamaro (Jpn: 服部仲麻呂) was mentioned during the events of Death at First Sight (Case #1 of World Edition)


Not much is known about Nakamaro except that he was the ex boyfriend of Mukai Hinato.

Role in Case(s)

A newspaper was found stating Mukai Hinato's love affair with Takaki Nobuo. Mukai was infuriated at the press, saying that not only will this ruin her reputation, it will complicate matters for her in her love life.

Later, the team reported this to the chief. Chief Shoko happened to a big fan of Mukai and she was a hardcore shipper of Tokai - Mukai with a K-pop star Tokko Il-Sung. Rumors also stated that Mukai - who was notorious for breaking up with her partner every month or so - has left her old partner, Hattori Nakamaro.

Case Appearances


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