Harvey Hendrick
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Biographical information
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Birth 1984
Death 2020
Cause of death Scarified to the machine
Nationality American
Residence St Ronde, U.S
Game information
First appearance A neighborly murder

Harvey Hendrik was a suspect in the murder investigations of five people in St Ronde he then made a quasi-suspect appearance in In the line of duty (case 6 of St Ronde) and The Bombing of St Ronde (Case 45 of St Ronde), he also made a video appearance in Jailbreak (Case 48 of St Ronde) and a minor appearance in A Royal Pain (Case 49 of St Ronde). He was then killed as a sacrifice in Back to Gaol (Case 56 of St Ronde)


Harvey wears a green R.E.T.A outfit. he also wears a eye patch over his right eye. It is known Harvey can shoot a gun, drinks orange juice, and can hack

In his second quasi-suspect appearance, Harvey's eyepatch is gone

In his second suspect appearance, it is learned Harvey eats barbeque, runs, and has a sweet tooth

In his third suspect appearance, Harvey wears a white scarf, and it is found out Harvey handles duns, smokes, and chews gum

In his video appearance, Harvey is seen with a headband

In his minor appearance, Harvey is seen with a scarf

In his fourth suspect appearance, Harvey ditches the RETA outfit, and wears a green shirt with a white undershirt and he ditches the headband

In his fifth suspect appearance, it is discovered Harvey eats potatoes and drinks tea

Events of criminal case

Harvey was interrogated after the team repaired his badge Harvey was saddened to hear of his best friend from college's demise

Harvey was interrogated after the team found a document calling glen miller a traitor. Harvey explained that he thought glen had imbraced their ideas, but saw that he had a dog.

Harvey was found innocent after Rupert gleason was found guilty of the murder

In the line of duty

After arresting Jacob Cockran's killer. Zoe Dawson came to the station saying that someone stole money from her. the team identified this as Harvey Hendrik. Harvey easily explained this as a misunderstanding Harvey said that he saw a big bag on the ground and picked it up he didn't know it had a lot of money until later and threw it on the ground. The team had him pay a fine anyway which Harvey gladly payed

Case appearances

a neighborly murder(case 2 of St Ronde)

In the line of duty(case 6 of St ronde)

The Bombing of St Ronde (Case 45 of St Ronde)

The Museum is on Fire! (Case 46 of St Ronde)

Officer Killed! (Case 47 of St Ronde)

Jailbreak (Case 48 of St Ronde)

A Royal Pain (Case 49 of St Ronde)

The Team's Arrest (Case 50 of St Ronde)

Too Late (Case 51 of St Ronde)

Back to Gaol (Case 56 of St Ronde)

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