Harriet Rose
Gender Female
Status Alive
Birth 1974
Nationality Flag of Canada Canadian
Residence Across the world
Profession Tourist
Appearance(s) The Shattered Crown
Guten Dead
Backstabbing Myth
Rome, Open City
Harriet Rose was a suspect during the murder investigation of the British Prime Minister Alistair Browning in The Shattered Crown (Case #1 of World Edition), soccer player Lucas Turnau in Guten Dead (Case #3 of World Edition), Greek finance minister Aleksander Xanthopoulos in Backstabbing Myth (Case #5 of World Edition). She was later revealed to be the killer of secular poet Maddalena Moretti in Rome, Open City (Case #6 of World Edition).


Harriet is a 42-year-old Canadian tourist. She has long strawberry-blonde hair, along with freckles.

In her first appearance, she wears a blue lace dress, along with a blue tourist hat. It is known that Harriet has watched Charlie Chaplin's City Lights and is right-handed.

In her second appearance, she changes her blue lace dress to a dirndl. It is known that she listens to German folk music.

In her third appearance, she changes back to her blue lace dress, she also ditches her tourist hat and has a pink rose in her hair. It is known that she knows Greek mythology, eats olives and knows binary code.

In her fourth appearance, she wears a gold leaf on her lace dress. It is known that she drinks espresso, rides a scooter, and eats lasagna.

Height 5'6"
Age 42
Weight 140 lbs
Eyes blue
Blood AB-

Role in Case(s)

The Shattered Crown

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Guten Dead

The player and Marina had a look at River Elbe, at which they found a tracking device tracking Lucas Turnau. They found that the device belonged to Harriet. When asked about this, Harriet claimed that she was a big fan of Lucas and loved to see him play. She was tracking him so she could write a fan blog about him. Marina commented that she seem the football type, but Harriet said that interests often lurk in unlikely places.

Harriet was spoken to again when the team found a newspaper with "I hate you, Lucas!" written on it. Yumi's analysis proved that Harriet was the one who wrote that. Harriet said that she finally got a chance to meet Lucas, and was disgusted at his mean behavior. He told her to get lost, and that he was sick of stalkers.

Harriet was found innocent when the team incarcerated Isabell Euler for Lucas's murder but was spoken to again when the team found that Idole de Lavanda had been transferring money into a tourist Harriet Rose's account. Harriet said that the account owner wanted her to steal a page from Lucas. She said that the page was still with Lucas, so it was probably at the restaurant.

Backstabbing Myth

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Rome, Open City

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