Harold Wilde
Vital statistics
Position Judge
Age 62
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 6'0"
Weight 220 lbs
Harold Wilde, appearing as Judge Wilde, is a central character in Rhinewood City.


As the judge of Rhinewood City's primary court service, Harold's main role is to sentence all the killers and bring justice to the city by all means possible. His sentences depend on the crime's severity, the mental health of the killer, how much false testimony that the culprit gives out during their trial, etc.


A judge of 62 years old, Harold is serious yet has a great sense of humor, even making all the people in the courtroom laugh once when he said a really funny joke. He has greying brown hair along with a beard and wears a judge costume.

Roles in Case(s)

Death Among Us

Harold never appeared in this case since he went on vacation to relax himself, leaving his appointed substitute, Janice Lee, on account of Tyler Hyde's trial.

Slayer on the Loose

Harold makes his first appearance in this case, in which he stated that he returned from his vacation. Mandy was incriminated as Kaylee's killer and also the notorious serial killer called "The Slayer II". Harold thought that the serial killer behind all the killings from 2 decades ago up to now was actually a samurai, samurai by day and killer by night. He was already proved wrong in this case, since the notorious serial killer was not a samurai, but a woman. He also states that he had been watching too many Japanese movies.

When he asked for Mandy's testimony, the jewellery shop owner stated that Kaylee never gave her money for the necklaces she was about to buy, and it even costed over $100. Harold, on the other hand, stated that she could've just gave Kaylee more time instead of brutally taking her life. He then sentenced the serial killer to life in jail without parole.

Race to the Dead

Harold's major role is only in the additional investigation, where he and the player check up on Shenghai's opponents, whom were also his good friends. Some of his opponents even started taking drugs after his demise. Harold was good at handling situations like this, so he managed to console Shenghai's friends who were by then drug addicts.

Citizens Sentenced

  • Tyler Hyde* - 2015-2055
  • Mandy Rose - 2015-∞
  • Amber Jean - 2015-2055

* indicates the time his understudy, Janice Lee, sentenced the culprit.

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