Harold Torper
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Biographical information
Full name Harold Torper
Alias(es) Torold
Gender Male
Status Deceased*
Nationality Flag of PeruFlag of United States Peruvian-American
Family Emily Torper (sister)
Partner(s) Ally Johnson (fiancee)
Game information
First appearance Case #2- A Fair No Skills

Harold Torper is a Ex-Doctor fired by Trishna Yacai because for firing Cedric Damien. and Appearing in A Fair No Skills. (Case #2 of Atlantic City) Before Killing Trishna Yacai in Snow-venge (Case #11 of Atlantic City) Then he Escaped Jail in Neon Death (Case #28 of Atlantic City) Before being Murdered in Think Fast (Case #56 of Atlantic City).


He is a male ex-doctor before being fired by Trishna Yacai.

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Case Appearance

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