Harold Looper Rochester
Biographical information
Full name Harold Leopold Looper Rochester
Gender Male
Status Alive
Birth 1948
Personal information
Nationality British
Residence Parinaita
Profession(s) Business Man
Family Larry Looper Rochester (Son)

Edward Looper Rochester (Nethew)
Unknown Wife
Archie Looper Rochester (Nethew)
Lewis Looper Rochester (Nethew)
Ronald Looper Rochester (Brother)
Susan Looper Rochester (Sister in Law)
Taylor Looper Rochester (Relation)
Ellen Looper Rochester (Relation)
Lockey Looper Rochester (Son)
Tom Looper Rochester (Brother)
Yalgonate Looper Rochester (Relation)
Lawrence Looper Rochester (father)
William Looper (Gandfather)
Julia Rochester (Grandmother

Game information
Appears in Parinaira
First appeared Death Falls on Deaf Ears
Harold Looper Rochester is the father of Larry Looper Rochester. He is also the uncle to Edward Looper Rochester. He appeared as a cameo in Death Falls on Deaf Ears! (Case #2 of Parinaita) and later became a suspect in the Hanged Gang however wasn't the killer.

Case Events

In Death Falls on Deaf Ears Harold came in to the police station to complain how the police were treating his son and told them about the Commissioner's secret room.

Cases Appeared in

Death Falls on Deaf Ears (Case #2 of Parinaita)
On the Doorstep... (Case #3 of Parinaita; Mentioned)
The Hanged Gang (Case #5 of Parinaita)
Let Your Death Out (Case #7 of Parinaita; Mentioned)
Burning Rivers (Case #9 of Parinaita)
Visual Death (Case #21 of Parinaita)
Never Mind the Buzzed Off (Case #22 of Parinaita; Cameo)
Seeing Double? (Case #23 of Parinaita)
A Rotten Series of Events (Case #24 of Parinaita)


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