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Happy Death Day
Season 1
City Hollyoaks
District Hollyoaks Village
Case Number 1
Date of Release 5th December 2015
Partner(s) Ben Bradley
Preceded by Succeeded by
None Price Slice
Happy Death Day is the first case in Criminal Case: Hollyoaks Edition. It was made by Kit.

Case Background

When the player arrived in Hollyoaks, he meets Sgt. Ben Bradley, the player's partner. Ben introduced him to the team, Rachel Hardy, the chief of police, Diego Martinez, the tech expert, Holly Roscoe, the forensic expert, Cindy Savage, the profiler, Rob Edwards, the historian and Annalise Appleton, the coroner.

On the player's first look around the village, they stumbled upon Pete Buchanan's body. He had been stabbed with candles, then set on fire. Ben and the player sent him to Annalise. Annalise said who ever killed the player must have had good baking skills as the cake mixture on the bottom of the candles were shown to be of excellent quality. And such ingredients could only have been found in Price Slice. So this warranted a talk with Simone Loveday, the shop manager. At the end of the case, Martha Kane was found responsible for the murder. Martha revealed that Pete owed her a lot of money. Pete tried to buy her family through flowers, but Martha found out he was seeing her daughter, Lacey Kane. And on Lacey's birthday, he slept with her. Disgusting Martha, so, she killed him.

After the events, Tegan, Simone and Grace all requested help. Simone had lost the key to her shop, so the team looked around and helped find it, Tegan had lost some medical equipment, the team looked around and found them and returned them to her, and Grace had lost her dog, so the team returned it to her when they found it.


  • Pete Buchanan

Murder Weapon

  • Candles


  • Martha Kane


Simone Loveday

Price Slice Manager

Weight 150lbs
Age 52
Height 5'9
Eyes Brown
Blood B-

Tegan Lomax

Nurse at Dee Valley Hospital

Weight 170lbs
Age 30
Height 5'7
Eyes Grey
Blood A+

Martha Kane


Weight 150lbs
Age 25
Height 5'11
Eyes Green
Blood B-

Ste Hay

Waiter at The Hutch

Weight 145lbs
Age 26
Height 6'0
Eyes Blue
Blood AB+

Grace Black

Co Owner of The Loft

Weight 130lbs
Age 30
Height 5'4
Eyes Blue
Blood B+

Killer's Profile

  • The killer has culinary skills.
  • The killer has blue eyes.
  • The killer wears makeup.
  • The killer drives.
  • The killer drinks coffee.

Crime Scenes

The Hutch Tables The Hutch Bonus
The Loft Bar The Loft Bonus
Florist Flower Display Florist Bonus


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