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Hanging From The Web
Season 2 (Cambright)
City Cambright
District Mr Sparkles’ Land
Case Number 16
Partner(s) Jennifer Tanaka (CB)
Preceded by Succeeded by
Stringed Like A Puppet [[ ]]

Hanging From The Web is a case featured in Criminal Case. It takes place in Mr Sparkles’ Land, located at the city of Cambright.


In the evening, Kaleb is seen topless, laying on a bench while struggling to lift up weights and Austyn standing next to him for motivation. Jennifer walked in on them and blushed when she saw the two in their undies and asked them what the hell they were doing. Austyn smiled and told her that he decided to help Kaleb build up some muscles so that if he was forced to participate in the fight he’ll be able to stand a chance against his opponent. Jennifer giggled, and when Austyn decided to ask her what brought her into his and Zachary’s room, Jennifer told him that Maylin and Zachary said she may find Kaleb here and that she wanted to inform him that she passed by the “Web-guy” set and that the actors and filming crew are working on it right now. After hearing that, Kaleb tried to jump from the bench but still could not lift the weights, so Austyn lifted it up, helping to Kaleb to break free. After waking up from the bench, Kaleb pulled up his trousers and put on his rest and left the apartment with Jennifer and they both walked to the “Web-guy” set. When they arrived to the set, a bodyguard stopped them and asked them if they had an access badge on them, where Kaleb explained to him that a school teacher told them to look for 3 students who had run away from them and that they suspect that one of them may be roaming around the set as their friend claimed. The bodyguard remembered some of the filming crew complained about seeing an adolescent trespassing the are and so he let the duo in to help fetch them out of here. As they entered the area, Jennifer looked around and asked Kaleb if he could see Kipper March as she couldn’t find him, where Kaleb assured her that they will meet her celebrity crush, but first, finding Hamad is their top priority and they’ll try to look for Kipper later. Jennifer crossed her arms and groaned while she and Kaleb entered the clocktower, which Kaleb believes Hamad may be there as it seems like the easiest place to hide in. The duo started searching the clocktower for Hamad, but instead of finding him, they found the dead body of actor and stuntman, Kipper March hanging on the middle of the clocktower, with a tick web string around his neck.

Jennifer was horrified at seeing her celebrity crush in the state and was going to faint, but Kaleb held her from falling and assured her that they will find out who did this, but he needs her help to solve the murder. Film Director Mike Cove then walked in and was shocked when he saw their stuntman murdered and asked the duo for an explanation of what happened, where the two added him to the suspect list and later on added Web-guy’s actor, Garfield Peters and victim’s aunt, Marissa March to the list as well. Jennifer and Kaleb decided to recap the case, until they heard a woman screaming for help.

Jennifer and Kaleb followed the scream which led them to a famous English Actress they both recognized: Amanda Love. The duo asked her what she was screaming over, where Amanda revealed that she saw a creature under the bridge leading to the Aqua-themed section to the park. The two added Amanda to the suspect list and went to investigate the bridge she was talking about and didn’t find the creature she made a scene over, but reasons to suspect American actress, Mary-Jane Dunst. They also discovered that Garfield was jealous that “Web-guy” fans are showing more excitement over seeing Kipper’s stunts over his performance and that Kipper argued with Mike, over the fact he had not wrote a proper storyline for the movie and basically making it just for cash. Jennifer and Kaleb decided to have a rest, where they smelled smoke leading to the clocktower.....

When they went to the clocktower, they were horrified to see it in flames and falling apart, they asked one of the crew member about what happened, where they explained that someone from the crew set the tower on fire by dropping an inflammable object there.. Seeing the state the clocktower was in, Kaleb immediately rushed in to collect as much clues as possible before it burns down, and Jennifer followed him, asking if he was an idiot and trying to prevent him from entering and getting himself hurt. After having collected what they needed, the duo got out and found out that Marissa was terrified for Kipper’s safety after she heard that he was working as a stuntman for the “Web-guy” film, and that Mary-Jane worked in a motion picture with Kipper where he reported her diva antics and how difficult she was to work with to the press. They also found out that Amanda was sick of “Web-guy” fans trolling her in the internet for her small bottom by comparing it to Kipper’s. After collecting enough evidence, Kaleb and Jennifer discovered that Garfield Peters was Kipper’s killer.

When Garfield heard Jennifer’s and Kaleb’s accusations, he tried to excuse his way out by claiming that Kipper was the only stuntman they could find that had a similar physique to Garfield, and that he wouldn’t kill him especially when they’re so close to wrapping up the movie, but after being presented the evidence, Garfield snapped and confessed he committed the murder as he didn’t want to blow the only chance he had to share a kiss with Amanda. Garfield revealed that he didn’t care much about the role of “Web-Guy” and that at first he was going to reject it when first offered to him, but after he heard that the beautiful Amanda Love would star in it as his love interest, he immediately accepted the role so he can brag to everyone in Ivywood that he got a kiss from Amanda Love. However, after months of filming and not receiving the kiss he wished for, Garfield decided to finally look at the script, where he discovered that the character of “Thomas Maguire” (Garfield’s and Kipper’s character) only gets to kiss “Stacey Holland” (Emma’s character) once, and that is during the parts where “Thomas” is Web-Guy, which are filmed with Kipper instead of Garfield, meaning Garfield does not get to kiss Amanda throughout the whole movie. Seeing that Amanda did not get along with him during the filming of the movie, Garfield knew this might be the only picture they’d film together and desperate to kiss Amanda, he decided to kill Kipper and offer to do the rest of the stunts himself and get what he wanted out of the movie. Garfield was sent to the bodyguards, who sent him over to the cops.

After arresting Garfield, Jennifer and Kaleb crossed paths with Zachary and Austyn in the “Web-guy” set and when asked them what they were doing there, they both giggled and told the two that they are both big fans of the MCU and wanted to check the set out. They then revealed that there’s also another reason, and asked Kaleb if he minds to come with them to talk with Amanda Love. Kaleb agreed and was about to follow them, but was approached by a panicking Film Director Cove, who told him that he needs to talk to him and Jennifer.

Kaleb followed Austyn and Zachary all the way to Amanda, who when she saw the two boys Kaleb was with, twirled her hair and started flirting with them and asked for their names. Both Austyn and Zachary blushed and told her they both (including Kaleb) have girlfriends and revealed that they came to speak with her as they heard she had found a monster under the bridge and want to learn more about it. Amanda swallowed her breath and told them that they may not believe her, but while she was walking her way to the set, she looked down at the water, and there saw a weird looking creature, with a human head and torso, but instead of normal legs, they had some weird looking tentacles. The trio found it hard to believe what just came out of Amanda’s mouth and that it was likely just some actor for Mr Sparkles upcoming “The Princess Of The Ocean”, but remembering how they had strong reasons to believe that Aurelia may be some kind of mermaid-like creature, they decided to give the bridge a look. After searching the area underneath the bridge, the trio found a pile of algae laying on the shore. Kaleb searched the pile and found a blue shell necklace, which he and Zachary looked at and recognized it as the same one that Kathy Gucci was wearing around her neck, and turned to Austyn ad told him that they think what Amanda have seen must be real. Suddenly, Kathy appeared from the water in the form of Skylla, making the trio gasp and grab whatever they found of the ground to protect themselves. Skylla calmed them down and told them that she won’t hurt them and that she just wants to talk. When Kaleb asked her what is she doing here, Skylla reminded him of her mission to save Aurelia, and that she wasn’t going to go back to Poseidon empty-handed, begging the trio to not tell any of the staff in Mr Sparkles’ Land about her presence. The trio agreed not to say a word, but Kaleb then asked her how could they trust her, since as far they know Aurelia could be a siren. Skylla laughed at his suggestion, by assuring him that Aurelia isn’t a siren as they have bodies of a bird and look nothing like they are portrayed in movies. She then told him that he doesn’t have to help her as she eavesdropped on both him and Jennifer while they were talking to Aurelia and understands what desperate situation they are in, and all what she wants him and his friends to do is to stay out of her way and let her free Aurelia herself. She then looked at both Austyn and Zachary and told them that she has things to tell the two of them and if they mind if they speak to her privately, where Kaleb walked away.

Worried, Kaleb and Jennifer went to speak with Mike Cove, and asked him what he was panicking about. Mike calmed himself down and explained to the duo that after the clocktower went in flame, he called the fire station to put down the fire, and while they were hosing the tower with water, they heard the voice of an adolescent boy, who the duo believes must be Hamad, crying for help from the top of the clocktower. The firemen tried to reach the boy, but the stairs had fallen off from the flames and the firetruck ladder could not reach the kid. Mike did not want to get in legal problems with the boy’s family, and so he wondered if they could help save him. Jennifer rolled her eyes from his request, and asked him that if a group of firemen could not do the job, how can two teenagers with no physical talents be of use. Mike then assured her that he doesn’t need them to save the kid themselves, but to help him find something for him that’d be in help. Mike then revealed that while “Web-guy” is not real, the suit they designed from him contains real web shooters, and they have actual spider web strings to fill in the ammo, and that he believes they can find a spare one other than those Kipper and Garfield had been wearing at the lunchroom. Jennifer and Kaleb went to the lunchroom and found a locked box of ammo which they unlocked, and a torn suit which they sewed back. They then went to Mike, who looked around for volunteers to save the kid but none seem to fit on the suit, except one person. Realizing that everyone was looking at Kaleb, Jennifer went to cover him and told everyone that she won’t let them use Kaleb to save the boy, but Kaleb pushed her away and asked Mike to lend him the suit. Jennifer looked at him and tried to talk him out of it, by telling him that he may be killed and she doesn’t want him to hurt himself, but Kaleb insisting on going up and told her that he will he ok. Afraid this would be the last time she’ll see Kaleb, she grabbed him into a kiss, which he pulled himself away from, and stood looking shocked at Jennifer. Kaleb then blushed and immediately went to change, leaving Jennifer standing, embarrassed at herself over what she did.

After speaking with Skylla and volunteering to enter the clocktower and save Hamad, Kaleb put on the “Web-Guy” suit and sighed when he saw that it was a perfect fit so there are no excuses to back away now. Kaleb then got out from the changing room, and spotted Austyn and Zachary who he went to and showed off the suit asking how he looks, where they both complimented him before teasing him about how the tight suit perfectly sculpts his unpleasing manhood, making him blush and laugh. He then spotted Jennifer, whom he approached and asked if she would like to talk about their kiss, where Jennifer blushed and told him she’ll explain everything once he brings Hamad to the surface. Mike then approached Kaleb excitedly and told him that the cameras, asking if he was ready. Kaleb did not want the rescue to be publicized, but knowing there are no point in arguing with celebrities, he put on the “Web-Guy” mask to hide his identity and took the web ammo from Mike and shot a string to the top of the tower, which pulled him in the air and he nearly lost his balance. Kaleb then shot a couple more strings to get the hang on the suit, and after he managed to control his balance, he entered the clock tower from up and landed on one of the stairs where he looked around and found Hamad on the other side, staring at him both shocked and stared. Hamad immediately asked him who he is, and when Kaleb pulled off his mask to reveal himself, Hamad told him to go away and bring someone else to rescue him as he didn’t want to be brought back to the teachers. Hamad then tried to run, but he hit his head and went dizzy, before eventually losing his conscious and started falling to the ground. After seeing Hamad lose his balance, Kaleb took the risk of diving to him and shot a web into Hamad’s torso, which caught him and then shot a web into the ceiling, barely saving Hamad from hitting the ground. Kaleb then pulled Hamad up to him, and placed him on his back, before slowly going down to the ground, making him and Hamad safe from harm. Meanwhile, Jennifer, Austyn and Zachary are outside with the film crew waiting for a sign from Kaleb and lost hope, until the door of clocktower was shut open and they were overjoyed when they saw Kaleb, wearing the “Web-Guy”’s mask, holding an unconscious Hamad between his arms. Austyn, Zachary and Jennifer rushed to Kaleb’s aid and asked him if he was hurt, but he shut them off and told them that there is no time to talk as they need to go take Hamad to his school.

Hamad woke up on a sofa, just to see his sister, Rhett, Victoria and the whole school around him all of which were happy to see that he’s alive. Kaleb then walked in the room with Austyn and Zachary, who told everyone to get out the room as they need to speak with Hamad, privately. Hamad looked strangely at the trio and asked them what do they want, where Kaleb laughed and told him he knows exactly what they want from him and demanded that he reveal where they could find Hamilton and Tilly. Hamad crossed his arms and told him he’s not saying a word, pointing out the fact that they are obviously not policemen and wondering why they even care if they found them or not. Kaleb decided to bring on the same argument he and Jennifer brought up to Victoria in order to convince her to cooperate, but that made Hamad laugh who told Kaleb that neither he, Hamilton or Tilly enjoy living in Grimsdale and would do anything to leave that shithole behind, and if anything he’s doing them a favor not saying a word about where they’re hiding even if it means they would get lost. Kaleb eventually gave up on Hamad, and decided to go outside, where he saw Jennifer staring at the stars.....

Kaleb greeted Jennifer, who was startled by Kaleb’s voice, and nervously asked him what he wants to talk about. Kaleb frowned and asked her if she wants to speak about the kiss or she just going to pretend she hadn’t done that. Jennifer looked at the ground and then back to Kaleb, and then put her arms around him and confessed her feelings to him, telling him that she loved him ever since she met him back at her agency’s studio, and then looked into his eyes and asked him if he feels the same way. Kaleb let go from her embrace and let out a “no” from his mouth, which disappointed Jennifer and made her ask him why. Kaleb sighed and told Jennifer that he does like her, but as a friend and his heart belongs to someone else. Jennifer rolled her eyes and asked him if the girl he’s referring to is Yvette, he smiled and started talking about how much he loves Yvette and how she had stolen his heart, which made Jennifer laugh. Kaleb stared at Jennifer and asked her what is she laughing about, where she crossed her arms and asked him if he thinks that Yvette truly loves him. Kaleb was confused over what Jennifer was saying, who continued by telling him that Yvette is royalty and that he’s an idiot if he truly thinks that whatever feelings she had shown to him at his father’s hospital is love, and that she probably was only using him in hopes that he knows a way to leave the asylum and now that she got out, there is no use to him for her. Kaleb immediately went for Yvette’s defense by telling Jennifer that Yvette had no idea that the asylum director was her father, in which Jennifer replied by saying that this is what she wanted him to believe and that it was pretty clear just by the look on their faces that they are related and even if he was right about Yvette not knowing, she probably no longer likes him now that he is a criminal to Cambright. Kaleb stayed silent while Jennifer left him alone, who then looked at him and told him to remember what she said to him if he ever gets to speak to Yvette again and that if he changed his mind about their relationship, he knows where to find her.

After speaking with Hamad and getting nothing out of him, Kaleb, Austyn, Zachary and Jennifer returned to their hotel room, disappointed, where everyone else gathered around them asking how their day went. Suddenly, they heard a knock from the door, which Austyn opened and was glad to see Elli. Austyn asked Elli how was her day and what brings her to their apartment, where she revealed someone hiding behind her legs: Hamida. Zachary smiled when he saw Hamida and told her to get in, and when everyone started questioning what’s going on? Zachary asked Hamida if she got the info she promised. Hamida smiled at everyone in the room and told them that she had asked Hamad where Tilly and Hamilton were hiding, not knowing that she she’s intending to snitch on them and that he revealed to her that while he doesn’t know where exactly they are, the have plans of going to Mr Sparkles’ Land’s Chinatown tomorrow morning and stay there all day. Happy, the friends thanked Hamida for the info she fished for them and they all gave her hugs and kisses on the cheeks before Elli went to take her back to her school.


Murder Weapon

  • Web




Killer’s Profile

  • The killer works out
  • The killer is a climber
  • The killer uses breath spray
  • The killer has an all-access badge
  • The killer’s clothes are torn
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