Biographical information
Full name Hamida Mukhailif
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Birth 2002
Nationality Kuwaiti FlagFlag of USA Kuwaiti-American
Residence Grimsdale, U.S.
Family Meera Abernathy (step-sister)

Hamad Mukhailif (brother) Nasim Mukhailif (brother)

Partner(s) Hamilton Laurent (boyfriend)

Adrian Lynn (ex-boyfriend

Game information
Appears in Criminal Case
First appearance Case #6: Dead Bombshell (S1)

Hamida Mukhailif is a main character in Grimsdale, serving as a detective for the GDPD. During her time in the force she became a suspect in Whip My Hair (Case #16 of Grimsdale), and a quasi-suspect in many cases, before leaving the force in The Kinder Reaper (Case #37 of Grimsdale). She later on appeared as a suspect in What a Way to Start! (Case #38 of Grimsdale) and Down with the Queen (Case #42 of Grimsdale). Other than suspect appearances she appeared as a quasi-suspect in Bath in Blood (Case #39 of Grimsdale) and A Thousand Scars (Case #40 of Grimsdale)

Prior to joining the team. She was a suspect in the murder investigations of her brother, Hamad Mukhailif in Dead Bombshell (Case #6 of Grimsdale), and bank cashier, Camilla Yawisai in Holy Shoot! (Case #8 of Grimsdale). She also made a quasi appearance in Work It Out! (Case #10 of Grimsdale).

After all her appearances, she ultimately turned out to be the killer of Cindy McMinn in Proto-zone Can Backfire (Case #43 of Grimsdale), where she transformed from a mortal girl to Goddess Hamida during the trial and escaped. Sadly she killed herself during the event of the case, out of regret of her actions.

In Season 2, 4 years before Grimsdale started, she appeared as a suspect in the murder investigation of The Evil Queen in Mirror, Mirror On The Wall (Case #13 of Cambright). She also appeared as a quasi-suspect in Hanging From The Web (Case #16 of Cambright) and The Depth Of My Secrets (Case #18 of Cambright)


Height 5'3"
Age 16
Weight 117 lbs
Eyes brown
Blood O+

Events of Criminal Case

Dead Bombshell

Hamida became a suspect after they identified her in a photo with the victim and Meera, when informed of her brother dead, she broke down crying, and demanded they find the killer before she kills them herself.

She was later interrogated again after they saw her note in the victim’s bag, when asked what she meant by the telling the victim to “stop this bullshit”, she stated the obvious, she discovered that Hamad was gossiping about others, ruininv their lives, and she decided to scold him for it.

Holy Shoot!

Hamida became a suspect after her cheque was found in the crime scene, when asked what it was doing here, she said the answer was obvious and that she gave them to the bank cashier to give her money, but sadly didn’t get a cent considering the signature was too faded, when informed of the robbery, she told the team she already heard of it, and hopes the bank still does bank services after that.

The team later were called by Philip Hoover into the bank tills, where they caught Hamida holding a gun and pointing it towards Philip, with a sack of money on one of her hands, when she saw the team she put the gun down. When asked what she had in her head to do such a stupid thing, she said that she wanted to take what the bank owed her. She explained that she went to Camilla’s till and gave her the cheque, but refused to give her money because the signature could not be detected by the machine.

After Nodoka was arrested, Hamida asked to see the player, where she begged them to recover the signature on the cheque, so it could be read by the bank machines. When she tried to give them the cheque, it turns out she lost them, and the team had to search for them. After the team found the cheques and dusted the signature, they went with her to the tills, where she got the money and rewarded Mia ad the player, by giving them several kisses on their face. Covering them with lipstick stains.

Work It Out!

Hamida asked to see the player, where she gave the player and Mia a tracking device she made, suggesting to let someone disguise as a prison guard, attach this to Nodoka, and help her escape, in order to find the place the money was hidden. At first they doubted the plan, but devided to give it a try, and went to ask Joe for permission to do so.

A Priceless End

Hamida went into the station to tell Diego and the player that she found the robbers’ hideout. After coming there she screamed after finding the body of Philip Hoover whom she called to guard the liar. The team made her a suspect due to her being the last known person entering the crime scene.

Hamida was later spoken to again after the team found her angry message to Hoover. She told the team that Hoover asked her to hang out, but the latter actually fooled her into an interrogation, where he questioned her about the robbery which she saw as a form of manipulation.

She was discovered to be innocent after the team arrested Fayzah Jawab. However, Jones came to the player and Mia telling them he’d like to have Hamida in the team. Causing them to go look for her as she won’t reply with her phone thanks to it being missing. After Clay hacked her phone, he discovered that Hamida was actually in her home. Mia and the player went to speak to her, where they offered her a place in the team, which she accepted. Jones made her an official partner for the player.


Hamilton and Diego entered the graveyard, where they saw Hamida crying behind some bushes, when asked why is she crying, she confirmed it isn’t because of a dead relative or friend of some sort, but would rather stay silent, she then questioned them if they found anything about The Virgin Slayer, where they revealed they are investigating the murder of Steven Crowe. Hamida suggested the team to investigate the graveyard, as the cult do most of their rituals there.

While Hamilton was eavesdropping, he heard Hamida telling Jones that she met his ex-wife in the university district, and so he may know how to help her. She them asked him what would he do, if someone stopped loving him. Jones figured out that Hamida must have went through a breakup, and sympathized with her, but didn’t know how he could help her. Hamilton told Mia everything and she felt sorry for Hamida. When suddenly Elvira came to the station asking for help.

Elvira told Hamilton and Mia that she lost her bag in the graveyard, and asked if they could find it. After finding the bag, Mia suggested to rummage through it, where they saw 4 tickets for a concert featuring two famous popstars: Lana Martyn and Dorothy Miller. They gave the bag to Elvira, who realized they were interested in the tickets, and gave them 3 of hers, as those three were meant for Steven, Simon, and Ophelia who wasn’t in the state to go to a concert.

Mia and Hamilton went to Hamida, and showed her the tickets, and offered her to come with them to cheer her up. At first she turned them down, but the moment she heard that those popstars she never heard of were famous, she accepted.

Whip My Hair

Hamida became a suspect after she reported the murder of Adrian. When seeing the body, she expresses her delight, leading to her becoming a suspect. When asked why she hated Adrian despite her ending the relationship herself, she refused to tell.

After Hunter saved Ramona from drowning herself, Hamida told Mia and Hamilton that she has something to confess. There she told them the actual reason why she hated Adrian is because she caught him cheating on her her with her best friend.

After the team arrested Ramona. She went to Hamilton and Diego, where she told them that she lost her birthday gift for Mia. They found it and gave it to her. When the party started she gave it to Mia, the gift turned out to be a hand made necklace with Hamida’s name on it.

After the party ended, everyone left except of Hamida as the party was in her home, and Hamilton, where they have conversation which can be explained in the case plot.

Super Bowel

Hamilton went to talk with Hamida, where he saw Mia and Yoyo as well. Hamida told them that she’d like to ask Christian out, but she lost her fan in the Food Court, we’d like to use to look classy. After finding her broken fan, and fixing it, Mia asked Hamilton why he seems pissed off, and sweet-talked him, so he’d reveal the reason, when suddenly Hamilton caught someone spying at them. Mia sweating told Hamilton to forget about that, and just tell her what he was about to say, but Hamilton insisted on following them, where the stalker ran off to the elevator and went to the 10th floor. Hamilton went into the elevator with Mia, where they started searching it, and found Hamida’s headwear. Hamilton realizing Mia must’ve known of this, asked her what is going on, but she still played ignorant, so he went to speak to Hamida. Hamida made up an excuse, which Hamilton did not believe, but pretended to do anyway, and then she told him that she decided she doesn’t want Christian anymore.

Bite Him Off

Nearly 3 months after the events of the previous case and a week before the end of the summer vacation, Hamilton is seen rowing a boat on the lake, and Hamida is sitting with him. Hamilton looks at Hamida, who is looking on her reflection on the lake with a sad expression on her face, he asks her if there’s anything wrong, however, she shakes her head. Knowing that she is lying, he asks her if she tried speaking with Mia or the others, where she looks silently at him, and then asks him how come he still trusts her. He then stops rowing, and holds her hand where he tells her that the only reason why they mistrust is because she was acting mean and sarcastic with everyone especially toward Hasuro who is simply protecting his cousin not knowing her true colors. After that, he tells her that he trusts her since he knows about her experiences, and deep down she’s sweet fallen angel, who all what she needs is someone to care for her and protect her, and someone to love and for them to love her back. He then leans his mouth to her mouth slowly, where she slowly does the same. They were about to share their first kiss, when suddenly Hamilton hears shouting nearby.

After hearing shouting, Hamilton immediately rows all the way to the docks, and tells Hamida to go somewhere safe, where he runs all the place he heard the voice, which was at the mudpool. He then calls Diego to come and check with him, what was the cause of the sound. The screams turned out to be caused by Aaron Camper being eaten by crocodiles, which led Diego and Hamilton to start a murder investigation.

After the murder investigation ended, and after helping Zoe, and learning of Natasha’s kidnapping, Hamilton and Mia were about to leave to search for Natasha, but were interrupted by Hamida. Mia was glad that she finally got to talk to Hamida again, and was mad that she ghosted her, where Hamida apologized to her. Hamida then told the duo that she thought about a plan to find out who the traitor is. The duo asked her, and started protesting when she told them that she will join The New Olympians to take advantage of their trust. Hamida managed to convince, and Hamilton held her hand, a told her to be safe.

Kill Them When They’re Young

After helping Adolfo and finding out that the Kinder Reaper is after Matthew, Mia and Hamilton decided to go and spy on Matthew so that they can catch the Kinder Reaper at the act. However, they got an Iris-message from Hamida. The duo then decided to speak with her, where she told them that she managed to gain Galinda and Marisol’s trust, and that she would meet them and the traitor of the team at the forest, and warned the duo to not come to the forest, as she will pull everything together herself, and doesn’t want to risk having Galinda, Marisol and the traitor seeing them eavesdropping on them. Despite Hamida’s warning, Mia didn’t trust her completely, and so she decided to eavesdrop on them anyway. Hamilton concerned on Mia’s safety, decided to go with her.

Mia and Hamilton started walking into the forest, until they caught a glimpse of Hamida. The duo then decided to hide in order to spy on her, where they saw her speaking with Marisol, Galinda and 3 masked people. Galinda asked Hamida, if she really is serious in joining the New Olympians, where Hamida nodded saying that none of the team trust her. Galinda then told the traitor to remove their mask, revealing it to be Clay Banger, the GDPD’s tech expert. Hamida gasped, and Mia, out of shock, yelled Clay’s name, revealing to Galinda, Marisol, Clay and the two other New Olympians that she and Hamilton were spying at them. Angry at Hamida’s trickery, Galinda smacked Hamida on the face, and started yelling harsh words at her, describing her as a “useless bitch”, before she ran off along her minions.

Mia and Hamilton helped Hamida get up, and they started walking to the camp. Hamida then got mad, and yelled at both Mia and Hamilton, asking them why did they disobey her orders, where Mia confessed that it was her idea, and that Hamilton only followed her to make sure she does nothing stupid, while eavesdropping on her. Mia then revealed to Hamida that she didn’t trust her, not only because she was friends with most of the New Olympians, but also because of her toxic and bitchy behavior.

Once the three arrived to camp, they caught up with Diego and Bruno. Bruno went up to Mia and Hamilton, asking them where were they, and told them that Matthew have been murdered, while they were out in the woods.

The Kinder Reaper

At 5:00 pm, an hour before the camp’s goodbye festival starts, a tired Hamilton went to his cabin to rest, where he saw no one, except of Hamida, who was packing her things. Hamilton asked her what she was doing, where she revealed that not only will she leave camp early, but she will also be leaving the police force. Hamilton looked down in the floor gloomily as he already knew something like this might happen one day. He then apologized to her in behalf of Mia, but Hamida shut him up, saying that she’s not leaving out of anger, but because she knew that the team didn’t deserve her around, as they’ve always been so nice to her, despite how bitchy she acted toward each one them. She then put a pink envelope in Hamilton’s pocket which had her resignation letter, and then told him that it was an honor to work with him and everyone in the force, and that she loved all of them (even Hasuro). Hamilton heard footsteps approaching, and before Hamida leaves, he pulls her into a kiss in the lips, which left her frozen from shock. He then stopped, before the door of the cabin opened. The whole team entered the cabin, and went up to Hamilton, telling him to come with them. The team noticed Hamida’s bags, and asked her what was she doing, where Hamida told them that she didn’t feel like going to the festival, as she didn’t like the idea of partying at a place, where many kids got killed, and that she asked Vicky to bring a chauffeur to pick her up, and that he’s waiting for her outside. The team understood her reasons, and told her that they’ll tell her everything about the festival in the station. Once Hamida left the camp, Mia realized the pink envelope in Hamilton’s pocket, and assuming it was a love letter sent by someone, she took it from the pocket, and decided to read it. The moment she read the letter and realized what it was, she gave Hamilton a slap for not trying to convince Hamida to stay, and ran after her. Hamida is sitting at the backseats of a black Porsche, when suddenly she saw Mia following the car, yelling her name, the chauffeur asked her if they should stop and see what Mia wants, but instead Hamida told him to speed up. After losing sight of the car, Mia laid on the road, crying, when suddenly the whole team showed up. The team started comforting Mia, and glared their eyes at Hamilton for allowing that to happen.

What a Way to Start!

After hearing voices coming from the kitchen, Mia and Hamilton decided to check it out, where they were surprised by seeing Hamida arguing with Vicky over the duo’s present. When the duo reveales themselves, Hamida was not pleased on seeing them again. Mia tried to apologize over what happened at the camp but sadly, Hamida didn’t forgive her.

Hamida was spoken to again after Oscar revealed that he suspected Adolfo was having an affair with her. Hamida was disgusted that the duo would accuse her of home-wrecking and revealed that Adolfo frequented her as he wanted her to pull rituals on him to find out the place of his death. Mia then asked why Adolfo would come to the party when he knew that he’d die here, where Hamida revealed that she was confused too, and so she asked Adolfo and was shocked when he told her he was an Anoterous and was going to kill his killer before they get to do so.

Diego and Hamilton went to talk to Hasuro to know what he’s asking help for. Hasuro revealed that he felt sorry for Mia due to what happened between her and Hamida, and would like to help bring Hamida back to the team. He explained that he thought about an idea, that he would befriend Hamida, and considering she hated him the most out of all the team, by becoming friends she would give Mia a chance. After Diego confirmed that he liked the idea, Hasuro decided to go for it, but he wasn’t used to apologizing to people over things he doesn’t regret, and needed some advice. After Hamilton suggested that they ask tips from Estelle, Diego decided to leave the two by themselves to speak to her while he is at the station. Hasuro and Hamilton went to ask Estelle for advice, where she told them that she has some notes on this for her psychology project which they can use, but she lost them during the party. After finding the notes, Hasuro started practicing what he was going to say, and when he finished he decided to speak to Hamida. Hasuro went up to Hamida and her “friends”, where she asked him what does he want from her. Hasuro then told her that he wants to apologize for “being mean to her” over the fact she disses Cindy, and that he’d like for them to become friends and for her to give Mia a chance. Hamida laughed at him, and started calling him names, explaining that she’ll never befriend a “pathetic, ugly loser” like him. She then poured her glass of Pink Paradis on him, making her “friends” laugh, before leaving the scene.

Bath in Blood

Mia and Hamilton went to see Randall to see who wants to talk to them, where they saw Hamida. before Mia could say a word, Hamida told her she didn’t ask Randall to bring them to her to fix things up with them but to warn them about a possible New Olympian. Hamida then said that other than Clay, the two other masked people that she met while neatly joining the New Olympians looked familiar and that she used some Pagan meditation rituals to remember the scene and draw the faces the entire scene on paper, where she found out that the masked male was Norman Min. Hamida then told them to go to the football field and find the drawing so they can confirm this. The duo found found the drawing but it was torn, so they fixed it and gave it to Yoyo, who analyzed the drawing and Norman’s face and confirmed that Hamida’s theory’s most likely true. The duo went to confront Norman, but he denied everything, and so no charges were pressed.

After the everything was finished, the team were surprised to have a visit from Hamida, who came to tell Hamilton that she’d like to have a private conversation with him.


Hamilton was led into the girl’s dorm house into Hamida’s and Vicky’s dorm. Upon seeing the two, she gave a cheesy smile and left the dorm. Hamida sat Hamilton down and she asked him if he remembers the kiss they shared at the cabin. Hamilton was going to apologize and come up with excuses, but Hamida told him that it’s okay and that she actually enjoyed it. She confessed to him that ever since the concert they went to, she had a little crush on him, however her feelings for him got bigger after the 3 days they spent at the forest searching for Ophelia Lincoln. She then told him that the prank that she and Mia pulled at him at the hotel was Hamida trying to find out whether he’ll get jealous if she hooked up with someone and that she wanted to see if he had feelings for her too, as she was afraid to confess. Hamida then asked Hamilton whether he’d like to have her as a girlfriend. Although Hamilton loved Hamida, he was mad at her for the way she acted at the party and how she mistreated Mia and Hasuro, and so he turned her down. Hamida looked down crying, Hamilton tried to comfort her, but suddenly her sadness turned to rage and she gave him a slap, telling him to leave and that she doesn’t want to see his face again. After Hamilton left and closed the door, Hamida got so she started destroying everything in the dorm.

A Thousand Scars

After she was done with her work, Mia went to char with Hamilton where she realized how sad he looked. Mia asked him the problem, where he told her that Hamida confessed her love to him months ago, and despite the fact he liked her, he turned her down. Mia asked him why won’t he go out with her, he told her that he was afraid about what the team would think of it. Mia patted his shoulder and told him that it is okay, and that she won’t judge him over the fact that he’s in love with Hamida. With this told, Hamilton decided to go to the girls’ dorm room to tell Hamida that he would her to take him to prom with her. Hamilton went into Hamida’s dorm, where Vicky was shocked by his presence, Hamida then came out, wearing an olive green dress. Hamilton was shocked when he aw her, she wasn’t as pretty as he remembered her, she has become so skinny, skinnier than before. Hamilton told Vicky that he’d like to have some time alone with Hamida and when she left, he helped Hamida sit down on the sofa. Hamida asked him why did he come, where he revealed that he lied when he said he didn’t love her and that he was just disappointed of the way she treated Mia. With the mention of Mia’s name, Hamida started crying and told Hamilton that she regrets the way she treated her and wishes for them to be friends again, but she’s afraid that Mia wouldn’t forgive her after 8 months of ghosting her. Hamilton comforted Hamida, and then asked if she would like him to be her prom date. Hamida smiled, and gave Hamilton a kiss.

Down with the Queen

Hamida became a suspect after her headband was found at the hidden area of which the killer performed the murder. When asked what she was doing there, she told Mia and Hamilton that she wanted to find a place to smoke where Vicky wouldn’t catch her as she would not allow her thanks to her condition. Before the duo left, Hamida asked Hamilton if he could come to her dorm after the prom ends.

Mia and Hamilton then spoke to Hamida again after learning that the victim could possibly be Hamida’s ex-best-friend and the side-chick of the late Adrian Lynn, Hamida’s ex. When asked about that, Hamida confirmed that Alicia was both.

After finding berzelium and witnessing Cindy escaping with Norman on the car, Hamilton remembered promising Hamida that he’ll come to her dorm room after finishing the investigation. Hamilton knocked on the dorm door, where Hamida told him to come in and lock the door. After doing this, she told him to enter her room, which he did and found no one inside, when suddenly the door closed and he saw Hamida on her undergarmets, holding a whip asking him if he’s ready to have fun. Although Hamilton believed that Hamida wasn’t in a state to fool around, he didn’t want to upset him, and so he took off with blazer and tie, and started to unbutton his shirt, when suddenly his phone started ringing. He took the call, and it turned out to be chief ordering him to come to the station and help catch Cindy. Hamilton looked at Hamida, who heard the conversation as it was on speaker. And with a sad tone, she told Hamilton to go, which he did....

Proto-Zone Can Backfire

Hamida became a suspect after her bow was found in the backstage, in which the New Olympians temporarily hid the protozone. When informed of Cindy’s death, Hamida acted delighted as expected. Mia have had enough and demanded that Hamida finally tell her why she disliked Cindy so much, in which Hamida refused to say word and simply asked for the clues they collected in order to confirm to them which ones fit her profile.

Despite the “false confession” she gave Mia and Hamilton to mess up their track, it turned out that Hamida was the murderer. Hamida worked enough with the duo to know that there’s no point for her to deny the crime. Mia asked her for the motive, whete without hesitation, Hamida told Mia everything she told Hamilton before. She told her that when she was a student at Fairview High, Cindy and her friends threw pads on Hamida while she was having her period at the shower rooms, while recording it, and later posted it at the highschool Friendnet page, where everyone saw it before it was deleted. 4 years later, Cindy saw Hamid again at Grimsdale University, where she posted that same video at the university’s Friendnet page, leading her into experiencing extreme bullying once again. Hamida revealed that the reason she was being so mean to the team, was because she was angry at what was happening to her at university, and decided to take her anger on the team, and apologized for being a useless pain in the neck. Hamida then told them when she heard that Cindy was the Protozone killer, she was delighted, until she overheard her “friends” gossip about her and deciding whether they was still “relevant enough” to hang out with next year or go back to bullying her. Hamida was so shocked when she heard this, as her “friends” showed more respect toward Cindy, a murderer, than her and that the entire year she was friends with them, meant nothing to them and that they only cared about her prize. Hamida was so angry but she decided to take hold of herself, but when Hamilton chose to spend his night looking for Cindy and Norman, rather than spending time with her, she couldn’t control herself anymore. Hamida remembered that she saw that Cindy, Norman and Nadine spent a lot of time at the back of the prom hall stage and so she decided to search it. After finding a protozone crate, Hamida decided to do her own search for Cindy and decided to go to the DreamLife dome as she suspected that Cindy and Norman may try to steal the meotorite rock Rozetta got. When she arrived to the dome, she saw Cindy by herself, so Hamida used a spell that she learned from Elvira to disguise as Norman and started flirting with Cindy. Hamida asked Cindy for a kiss and when Cindy closed her eyes and raised her head expecting a kiss, Hamida injected her with protozone on her back, and gave her a gun, which Randall accidently dropped after witnessing the car crash, and told her to kill herself. Mia was saddened upon hearing Hamida’s story and regretted not being by her side, even though Hamida didn’t allow her. Tearful, Mia placed hancuffs on Hamida’s arms and she was sent to the court. Hamida was sentenced to life inprison, and to the shock of everyone, Hamida grinned and snapped her fingers, where she transformed into something else. Hamida still had her facial features, but her cheekbones disappeared, her skin became lighter, her breasts became larger and she wore something that was way different than what she was wearing. She was no longer Hamida Mukhailif, she was now Goddess Hamida, who used her power to levitate everyone in the courthouse, giving her a chance to escape, before sending everyone back to the ground.

Mia iris-messaged Athena Parthenos where she demanded that she transports Hamilton and her to Olympus. After being transported there, Zeus questioned their presence where Mia started scolding the Olympians for not telling them that Hamida was a goddess all along. The Olympians were all confused and they started recalling the minor gods and goddesses they gave birth to, but none remember a Hamida. Athena then asked them, that if Hamida was a goddess this whole time, how could she have mortal siblings. When Mia heard this question, she became confused as well, when suddenly Hades came out of nowhere and told the duo he has the answer for their questions. When Mia and Hamilton went to talk to Hades, she asked him whether Hamad is dead or not, where Hades revealed that Hamad is indeed dead, which only means that Hamida was born a mortal and not a goddess. He told the duo about a bush of flowers which if you drank their nectar you’ll gain youth and immortality and with other ingredients added to it, you become as powerful as a god. He then revealed that the bush is being guarded by a satyr and a dryad whose life is connected to the bush itself and that Hamida must’ve picked a flower from it and used it to gain her powers. Mia and Hamilton were then transported back to the surface where they decided they should look for the satyr and dryad before the New Olympians find the bush. They were then interrupted by Randall who told them he needs to talk them.

Mia and Hamilton spoke to Randall where he revealed that Nasim disappeared from his cell and he was searching for him where he saw him at the DreamLife dome being tortured by Hamida before she left the dome taking him with her. Mia and Hamilton were curious of what Hamida wanted from her brother’s mouth and so they searched the dome where they found a broken surveillance camera, which after fixing they decided to play the recording. The recording showed Hamida torturing Nasim telling him that she knows about him making a deal with the Anoterous and demanded that he tell her the location of the hideout. Nasim refused to say a word as the Anoterous told him that their agents would kill him if he said a word about their hideout if he got caught, but eventually after being tortured even more, he gave up and spilled the location of the Anoterous hideout. At the end of the recording, the duo were shocked but also happy that they finally can get rid of the Anoterous and decided that they should go there before Hamida does, even though they don’t know what she’s planning to do.


After getting rid of the protozone and finding out the location of the Anoterous’ hideout, Mia and Hamilton went to the place. Unfortunately, they were late as Hamida was already there. Mia and Hamilton decided to eavesdrop, where they saw the leader completely hidden in a costume and a guy with brown hair, green eyes, wearing a cowboy hat and a checkered blue shirt, who the duo assumed must be the assassin of Autumn Springs. The duo saw no trace of the assassin of Los Muertos, so they assumed he didn’t come to the meeting. Hamida was trying to convince the Anoterous to join her side to take over Grimsdale, but none of them were interested in taking orders from a minor goddess. Hamida then levitated Nasim and at front of everyone she used her powers to cut off all his limbs at the same time, killing him in the process. Since he was a mortal, the Anoterous were already planning to kill him if he came to the headquarters to claim his prize so they didn’t care much; until, they realized that Nasim was Hamida’s brother and if she was cruel enough to kill him brutally, she has no problem in doing the same to them. They all felt intimidated, when suddenly, Mia and Hamilton barged in telling Hamida that she isn’t being herself and that she should stop. Hamida then levitated the duo, and was going to kill them, until she saw a necklace falling from Mia’s pocket......

Hamida looked at the necklace and realized it was the same one she gave Mia for her birthday and was shocked that Mia kept it all the time. Mia then told Hamida that she never got over her, even after how horrible she became, Mia kept having this necklace with her everywhere she went to remind herself of the good times she had with Hamida. Hamida then put Hamilton and Mia down, and then spawned a knife on her hand and stabbed herself in the chest and fell to the ground. Hamida and Hamilton ran to her, where they both broke down to tears and Mia started apologizing for the way she treated her. Hamida told Mia to stop apologizing as nothing that happened was Mia’s fault and that it was her fault for overreacting and apologized to Mia for everything. Hamida then looked at Hamilton and told him that she knows what actually happened at the day Edward Ramis died. Hamilton tried avoiding eye contact with Hamida out of guilt, but instead of yelling at him for indirectly causing Hamad’s death, she touched his face and gave him a kiss in the lips to show him that she doesn’t care about what he did in the past. Hamida then told Mia and Hamilton that she loves them more than anything in her life and that a horrible person like her doesn’t deserves such a great friend and a loving boyfriend. She then told them that if she dies she wants her body cremated and for them to forget her existence, which in response Mia & Hamilton wore the necklaces she gave them in their birthday. Hamida smiled, she prayed for Hades to take her to Elysium then told Mia and Hamilton goodbye before going to sleep, a long, long sleep.


Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Hamida turned out to be innocent after Snow White was arrested for The Evil Queen’s murder.

After they agreed to help Dolores Harper find the 5 missing students: Hamilton Laurent, Hamad Mukhailif, Victoria Lopez, Rhett Liveman & Tilly Harper, Kaleb and Leonora head to Snow White’s throne room where Dolores claims she last seen the five, and found that a mess was made, probably by the 5 students, and started to search a pile of costumes where they found a purple fabric which looked out of place. Kaleb did not recognize the fabric at first but after analyzing it, he realized that it was not cloth put plastic, specifically the one used for balloons. He and Leonora then remembered Hamida holding a purple balloon with her when they were interrogating her and since Mrs Harper did not mention her as one of the five missing students, they assumed she must still be around with the school. The duo went to Hamida and informed her about her brother being missing along 4 other students, asking if she has some knowledge they’d like her to share. Hamida bit her lips a little, not knowing what to say, but she gave up and told them that her brother and his friends were growing tired of the teachers acting protective towards the students and not letting them go to the places they want, and so they decided to run away and explore the park by themselves and get to enjoy every bit of it. Hamida then looked down and confessed that she considered going with them as she herself was bored, but she chickened out in the last moments and went to follow the rest of the school. Kaleb then put his hand on Hamida’s shoulder and asked her if any of her friends mentioned the first place they planned to go to in their bucket-list, where Hamida recalled Tilly (Dolores Harper’s daughter) making a reference to mermaids.

Hanging From The Web

After speaking with Hamad and getting nothing out of him, Kaleb, Austyn, Zachary and Jennifer returned to their hotel room, disappointed, where everyone else gathered around them asking how their day went. Suddenly, they heard a knock from the door, which Austyn opened and was glad to see Elli. Austyn asked Elli how was her day and what brings her to their apartment, where she revealed someone hiding behind her legs: Hamida. Zachary smiled when he saw Hamida and told her to get in, and when everyone started questioning what’s going on? Zachary asked Hamida if she got the info she promised. Hamida smiled at everyone in the room and told them that she had asked Hamad where Tilly and Hamilton were hiding, not knowing that she she’s intending to snitch on them and that he revealed to her that while he doesn’t know where exactly they are, the have plans of going to Mr Sparkles’ Land’s Chinatown tomorrow morning and stay there all day. Happy, the friends thanked Hamida for the info she fished for them and they all gave her hugs and kisses on the cheeks before Elli went to take her back to her school.

The Depth Of My Secrets

When Hamida discovered that Kaleb and his friends are escaped lunatics and cops had come to Mr Sparkles’ Land to capture tgem, she excused herself to her friends and went immediately to a telephone, where she typed in the room number belonging to the “lunatics” and waited for them to answer...

Kaleb, Austyn, Zachary, Elli and Jennifer came to the apartment, where Elli showed off her ring to the rest of their friends, revealing that she and Austyn have just been engaged. After everyone congratulated the lucky couple, Leonora embraced Kaleb’s arm and asked him what had happened to Aurelia and Skylla, where he smiled and told her that they are now free and Mr Sparkles’ Land won’t bother them anymore. Suddenly, the room’s phone rang, and wondering who’s calling, Kaleb answered. Kaleb was about to ask who is calling, but he suddenly heard Hamida speak from the phone, asking if he and his friends are really lunatics. Nervous, Kaleb asked her where she had learned this, where Hamida told him that police offers had surrounded the hotel and are looking everywhere to find them. Kaleb asked her how did they know where they were, but instead of a reply, he was answered with silence. On the other side of the line, Hamida is seen glancing up, where a blonde tan-skinned policewoman stared at her with an angry face, demanding that Hamida give her the phone. Hamida blushed and gave the policewoman the phone, who told Kaleb that Hamida won’t be able to answer him right now.

Case Appearances

Season 1: Grimsdale

Season 2: Cambright


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