Hamad Mukhailif
Biographical information
Full name Hamad Mukhailif
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Birth 2000
Nationality Kuwaiti FlagFlag of USA Kuwaiti-American
Residence Grimsdale, U.S.
Family Meera Abernathy (step-sister)

Hamida Mukhailif (sister)

Nasim Mukhailif (brother)

Partner(s) Victoria Lopez (girlfriend)
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case
First appearance Case #1: All Boli Out (S1)

Hamad Mukhailif was a suspect in the murder investigation of Fairview High Student, Alexei Smirnov in All Boli Out (Case #1 of Grimsdale), and another Fairview High Student, Lolita Gomez in Hook Me Up (Case #2 of Grimsdale), he later made 2 quasi appearances, and one minor appearance, before getting murdered in Dead Bombshell (Case #6 of Grimsdale).

In Season 2, 4 years before the start of Grimsdale, he appeared as a quasi-suspect in And I Oop- (Case #14 of Cambright) and Hanging From The Web (Case #16 of Cambright).


Height 5'7"
Age 18
Weight 117 lbs
Eyes brown
Blood O+

Murder Details

Hamad was killed using a bomb implanted on his glasses at front of a huge crowd. When sent to autopsy, Hasuro believed that the killer must have took inspiration from how Tess Goodwin murdered her last victim.

Killer and motives

Julian Ramis, Clay’s friend turned out to be a murder, knowing he can’t lie to the team, he did not deny the crime, when asked if he killed Hamad because he told everyone he was a killer, he told them that no, and instead he killed Hamad because he killed his father, he later explained that when his father died, the cops found a 14 year old Hamad and one of his friends, in the crime scene, when asked what happened, Hamad told the police that Julian’s father comitted suicide, and that they tried to stop him, but he refused to stay alive, saying he brought a monster in this world. Because Hmad was known as the most innocent students in the school, Julian believed it, and felt guilty for what he did, but then Julian saw Hamad’s true colors, this made him figure out that his father’s death wasn’t a suicide, and that Hamad pushed him off the rooftop, and lied to the police about it. Julian tried to tell the authorities but they didn’t believe him, he confronted Hamad about this a few days before the student body president was announced, but he just laughed and mocked Julian’s father, telling him that his father was weak minded, and a coward. Julian couldn’t take that anymore, so he made a bomb, and inplanted it on Hamad’s glasses, setting the timer so that it blows off, at the exact time the student body president is announced. The judge sympathized with Julian, but was disgusted that he chose to kill Hamad in front of a crowd of teenagers, sentencing him to 15 years in prison, with a chance of a parole of 5 years, and considering he is a minor, he is allowed to be released in bail.

Events of Criminal Case

All Boli Out

Hamad was first interrogated by the team, after they found a picture of him with the victim, when asked about his relationship with the victim, he began crying, saying that the victim and him were friends, and that the victim didn’t deserve this at all considering all the shit he went through.

He was later interrogated again because a bouquet of roses he sent to the victim telling him to “count the flowers”, which Yoyo confirmed was a message to the victim to kill himself since an even number of roses reflect death in Russian traditions, when the team asked him about the flowers, Hamad pretended he was in love with the victim, until Diego brought the subject of death associated with these flowers, which forced Hamad to confess that they were indeed a message for the victim to end his own life, when Diego asked him why he’d tell the victim to do this, Hamad said that the victim bullied him in middle school so badly due to the fact he was “too skinny”, which made him really hate the victim, that when he saw the victim in the school grounds, he made a fake social media account pretending to be a girl named “Catherine Fishman”, where he flirted with the victim, convincing him to give him his number, and they began sexting each other, until Hamad asked the victim to send him a pic of his private part, and when he did, Hamad leaked the victim’s privates to the internet, where the entire school saw it, leading the victim to be bullied so badly due to his, and Vanna began singing at that point, anyways when the scene switched back, Diego was absolutely disgusted of what Hamad did to the victim, and wondered if Hamad decided to even further by killing him.

Although the killer turned out to be Brock Perry, the victim’s roomate went to the player and told them that he heard of what Hamad did to the victim, and he was wondering if Hamad did the same thing to other kids in the past, and so Clay and the player went to the cafeteria to search of anything that Hamad dropped that could help them make sure he never did the same to other people as he did to Alexei, and they found a diary belonging to Hamad which the player unlocked, and sent it to Yoyo. Yoyo read all the entries in the diary and was absolutely disgusted, Hamad was smart enough to not wtite any of his secrets, but he wrote entries about him ruining the lives of his former bullies, and who his next targets were. Clay and the player went to confront Hamad for his attitude, and threatened to report him to the principal, where he fooled them into giving him back his diary, and ran away with it, leaving them with no proof of his actions.

Hook Me Up

Hamad became a suspect after the team found his poster of the victim where he refgered her as a “hussy”, where he confirmed no information about his relationship with him, and instead used sarcastic sympathy toward her death.

He was later interrogated again, because of a post in Friendnet, where he revealed the victim’s pregnancy. He said that the reason why he did that, because the victim made a bet among all the other whores in the school, where they will be paid a huge amount of money, if they slept with him, considering he is the only boy in school who has no interest in losing his virginity until martiage. This lead a number of girls clinging on him trying to get under his pants, which nearly made him lose his girlfriend.

Although the killer was revealed to be Liu Chao. Kelemen asked the player and Diego to go search for any evidence of Hamad’s actions, where they found a poster of him for a student council campaign. The team were suspicious of what he’s planning to do with this position, so they interrogated him, where he said that he wants to run for student body president “to make a school a better place”.

Acid Digestion

After the player and Clay failed to comfort Julian, they went to confront Hamad for what he did. Clay began shouting at Hamad for telling everyone that Julian is a “murderer”, which Hamad kept denying, saying that he heard the rumors, but has no idea who spread them.

A Head Loss

After the player, Mia, and Kelemen showed the principal, the planner which has all the things that Hamad promised in his campaighn, she went immediately to speak with him. Unfortunately, he got away with it by claiming these were “empty promises”, and that he wasn’t actually going to them, and they were only promised for sake to win the student body presidency.

After that, the team decided there is no use trying to punish him, and that they were justing wating a huge part of their lives, and decided to focus more on their personal lives, and only start investigating when a murder takes place.


After the team finished everything in their hands. Hamad confronted the player about their dark secrets, where he told them he will reveal it to everyone in the student council election.

And I Oop-

During their search for the five runaway students of Saint Frederick Middle School, Zachary and Kaleb entered the studio and saw a room which had a sign that says “Makeup room”. The duo barged in the room, where they caught Rhett in drag, who stood mortified when he saw the them, with a boy who looked a lot like Hamida showing him dresses to wear and a girl whom the duo assumed must be Vicky, painting Rhett’s face. Kaleb and Zachary looked around for Hamilton and Tilly but couldn’t find them and so they started approaching the three they found, but suddenly Kaleb felt someone tapping his shoulder and when he turned his head, a black fist flew to his jaw and knocked him out.

Hanging From The Web

ter the clocktower and save Hamad, Kaleb put on the “Web-Guy” suit and sighed when he saw that it was a perfect fit so there are no excuses to back away now. Kaleb then got out from the changing room, and spotted Austyn and Zachary who he went to and showed off the suit asking how he looks, where they both complimented him before teasing him about how the tight suit perfectly sculpts his unpleasing manhood, making him blush and laugh. He then spotted Jennifer, whom he approached and asked if she would like to talk about their kiss, where Jennifer blushed and told him she’ll explain everything once he brings Hamad to the surface. Mike then approached Kaleb excitedly and told him that the cameras, asking if he was ready. Kaleb did not want the rescue to be publicized, but knowing there are no point in arguing with celebrities, he put on the “Web-Guy” mask to hide his identity and took the web ammo from Mike and shot a string to the top of the tower, which pulled him in the air and he nearly lost his balance. Kaleb then shot a couple more strings to get the hang on the suit, and after he managed to control his balance, he entered the clock tower from up and landed on one of the stairs where he looked around and found Hamad on the other side, staring at him both shocked and stared. Hamad immediately asked him who he is, and when Kaleb pulled off his mask to reveal himself, Hamad told him to go away and bring someone else to rescue him as he didn’t want to be brought back to the teachers. Hamad then tried to run, but he hit his head and went dizzy, before eventually losing his conscious and started falling to the ground. After seeing Hamad lose his balance, Kaleb took the risk of diving to him and shot a web into Hamad’s torso, which caught him and then shot a web into the ceiling, barely saving Hamad from hitting the ground. Kaleb then pulled Hamad up to him, and placed him on his back, before slowly going down to the ground, making him and Hamad safe from harm. Meanwhile, Jennifer, Austyn and Zachary are outside with the film crew waiting for a sign from Kaleb and lost hope, until the door of clocktower was shut open and they were overjoyed when they saw Kaleb, wearing the “Web-Guy”’s mask, holding an unconscious Hamad between his arms. Austyn, Zachary and Jennifer rushed to Kaleb’s aid and asked him if he was hurt, but he shut them off and told them that there is no time to talk as they need to go take Hamad to his school.

Hamad woke up on a sofa, just to see his sister, Rhett, Victoria and the whole school around him all of which were happy to see that he’s alive. Kaleb then walked in the room with Austyn and Zachary, who told everyone to get out the room as they need to speak with Hamad, privately. Hamad looked strangely at the trio and asked them what do they want, where Kaleb laughed and told him he knows exactly what they want from him and demanded that he reveal where they could find Hamilton and Tilly. Hamad crossed his arms and told him he’s not saying a word, pointing out the fact that they are obviously not policemen and wondering why they even care if they found them or not. Kaleb decided to bring on the same argument he and Jennifer brought up to Victoria in order to convince her to cooperate, but that made Hamad laugh who told Kaleb that neither he, Hamilton or Tilly enjoy living in Grimsdale and would do anything to leave that shithole behind, and if anything he’s doing them a favor not saying a word about where they’re hiding even if it means they would get lost. Kaleb eventually gave up on Hamad, and decided to go outside, where he saw Jennifer staring at the stars.....


  • Hamad is based on wiki OC maker, fanon writer, underrated 53>< symbol and surrogate of all whores and F-boi’s, the one and only, the most iconic and beautiful human being to grace this planet, the versatile HAMADDDDD MUKHAILIFFFFFFFF A.K.A. Don’t you recognize MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

Case appearances

Season 1: Grimsdale

Season 2: Cambright


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