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General information
Founder Lionel Crane
Inhabitants Americans
Population 750,000+
Primary LEA Gunmetal Resistance
Key city figures Diana Hudgen (Chief of Police)
No. of cases in season 70
No. of districts in season 9
Initial release date 1st February 2017
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Halcyon is a country appearing as the main setting for the season of The Lone Enemy.

The Gunmetal Resistance is the featured law enforcement agency that serves the country of Halycon.


Halcyon features a total of nine regions, each with unique scenery and composition.


Nefarion is the first region featured in the series. It is recognized as the technological epicenter of the country. It also features luxurious houses and laboratories. In this region, the storyline focuses on the main antagonist as he paid a group of scientists to create a disaster modeled after Hurricane Katrina.

Cases #1-#7 are situated in this region.

Riptide Islands

Riptide Islands is the second region featured in the series.

Cases #8-#14 are situated in this region.

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