Hal Kirk
Biographical information
Full name Hal Kirk
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Birth 1976
Nationality Flag of USA American
Residence Grimsdale, U.S.
Partner(s) Unnamed ex-girlfriends
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case
First appearance Case #3: Acid Digestion (S1)

Hal Kirk was a suspect in the murder investigation of Fairview High Student, Jodie Margaret in Acid Digestion (Case #3 of Grimsdale), before getting killed in A Head Loss (Case #4 of Grimsdale).


Height 6'2"
Age 42
Weight 255 lbs
Eyes blue
Blood A+

Murder Details

During the autopsy of the head, Hasuro confirmed that the victim was obviously killed using a circular saw, but unfortunately couldn’t find anything that could lead us to the killer

After the headless body was dound, Hasuro found cigarette burns on the victim, confirming that the killer smokes.

Killer and motive

At the end, the killer turned out to be Ayden Young, after denying involvement, he admitted to the crime. He told the team that Hamad posted a comment in Friendnet, saying that Coach Kirk used to date the mother of one of the GrimBadgers team members, which asked what does that have to do with him killing the Coach. He said that his mother recently went paralyzed after some serious injuries. When Ayden saw the post he remembered that his mother was dating someone before she became parlyzed, and since his mother has a history of dating abusive men, this led him to the conclusion that Kirk was her boyfriend, and her injuries came from him abusing her, Ayden confronted Kirk for this, where he confirmed that he indeed was his mom’s boyfriend, and even insulted Ayden’s mom, this led Ayden to his limits, so he set up a plan to kill the coach and avenge his mother. Judge Powell sympathised with Ayden, so he recieved a sentence of 10 years in prison with a chance of a parole in 5 years.

Events Of Criminal Case

Acid Digestion

Hal became a suspect after his whistle was found in the victim’s locker. When confronted about it, he said that the principal told him to search all the lockers to make sure none of the cheerleaders and jocks have access of any sort of drugs or cigarettes. Although his story was believable, his tone made Diego believe that the coach was lying, but no further actions were made.

He was later removed from the suspect list, after Diego realised he didn’t have any burn marks.

Case appearances


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