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Habib Romanov(SB)
Biographical information
Full name Habib Romanov
Gender Male
Status Alive
Birth 1990
Nationality Russian-American
Residence Saint Petersburg, Russia (Formerly)

Pacific Bay

Game information
Appears in In Criminal Case: Stanford Bay
First appearance The Deadly Sin

Habib Romanov appeared as a suspect during the murder investigations of Father Ross in The Deadly Sin (Case #7 of Stanford Bay)


Habib is a 28 year old PBPD detective.

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In his first appearance, it is known that Habib Drinks Whiskey, has a scar,his blood type is A+ and suffers from insomnia.

Events of Criminal Case

The Deadly Sin

Habib was first spoken to after he approched to the team and told them that he was friends with the victim and the victim used to spend a long time in the library. Then he told the team he was very sad about the victim's death and wanted to help the team to bring the killer to Justice.

Habib found himself in trouble after the team found out that a drunk Habib was having a fight with Connor Bennet and he called the victim a prick who never deserved to be a priest. After being sober, the team asked Habib about it, who said that Father Ross would mock him for no reason and he would often fight him when he is drunk.

Later, Habib was found innocent after the team found Connor guilty for the murder.

Post trial, when the team discussing about their next move in finding information about The Pythons, Habib approched to them and revealed himself as a PBPD detective and said he has been investigating on them and he has been suspecting the victim as a member of the pythons. Habib then partnered with the player and investigated the library, and found a secret room there. He also found Tedd Robins being a member of the pythons. Then he and the player found a blank book, which turned out to be written in invisible ink which contained all the information and history about the pythons. Habib, alongside the team, vowed to track down the pythons and foil their evil plans.


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