Gun Berg
Biographical information
Full name Gun Berg
Alias(es) Lion
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Birth 2000
Death 2019
Personal information
Nationality Flag of Sweden Swedish
Profession(s) Police recruit (formerly)
Family Siri Berg (sister)
Partner(s) Priya Lopez (girlfriend)
Marina Romanova (ex-girlfriend)
Affiliation(s) LEGION
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case
First appeared Case #8: Up in Ice (s2)

Gun Berg was a suspect in the murder investigation of investor Erik Olsen in Up in Ice (Case #8 of Save The Europe) and her sister, The Ironers lead singer, Siri Berg in Listen to the Thunder (Case #10 of Save The Europe), her ex-girlfriend, psychologist, Marina Romanova in Out of the Sky (Case #11 of Save The Europe) and European Commissioner in Enemy of My Enemy (Case #16 of Save The Europe). In Deal with the Evil (Case #41 of Save The Europe) it's revealed that she is Lion after being a triple killer.


Gun is a 19-year-old woman with neck-length blond hair and brown eyes. She is seen wearing a beige t-shirt underneath her pink jacket and an access badge around her neck. In her first appearance she is seen to have a burns mark under on her left cheek and it's discovered that she reads Hearsay Weekly, eats lefse and drinks coffee.

In her second appearance she doesn't have a burns mark and it's discovered Gun is left-handed, listen to Listen to the Thunder and eats caviar.

In her third appearance she is seen to wear a yellow access badge. Also it's discovered that Gun knows electronics, wears running shoes and takes sleeping pills.

Height 5'7"
Age 19
Weight 118 lbs
Eyes brown
Blood Type AB-

Events of Criminal Case

Up in Ice

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Listen to the Thunder

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Out of the Sky

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Case appearances


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