Liam: Ah, <rank> <name> There you are. I thought you would never come, your plane took ages to get here!
Liam: Anyway, a young man has been murdered in "Canadian Candles". We should take a look at the crime scene. Come with me and I'll show you!

Chapter 1

Investigate "Canadian Candles" shop
(Before investigating)
(Liam Attender: As you can see below, there are 6 items that you need to find to complete the crime scene. Let's begin shell we?)
(Liam Attender: Click on the Alcohol bottle!)
(Liam Attender: Well done, you found it! Whenever you need help, me or one of your friends can give you hints. Give it a try!)
(Liam Attender: Oh, you found the hint button, well done mate, Now let's go for a hot dog.)
(Liam Attender: I'm only joking mate. Get the other 4 items and then we can carry on with the investigation!)
(After Investigating)
Liam: The victim's name seems to be Duncan Flower. We better get his body over to Clara, she'll tell us how he died
Liam: We also have a witness over there, her name is Maggie O'Hara. Let's go and question her about what she saw
Liam (Puzzled face): And what is this shooting drone doing here? Good idea mate, let's unlock it and see what all the funny business is about!
Liam (Crossing his arms): Yeah, yeah. No need to brag. You're doing very well for your first case. Now let's get on and see what is going on.

(Liam Attender: Say hello to your tablet! It's the Ipear Legacy 17. Looks nice doesn't it. Anyway, you can see your tasks and analysed objects here!)
(Liam Attender: Talking of analyse. Let's analyse the victim's body first, click the analyse button!)

Analyse Victim's body.
(Before Autopsy)
(Clara: If you can please wait a minute <rank>, This won't take long at all...)
(After Autopsy)
Clara (Smiling): I had a look at the victim's wounds and I can tell you that your killer knows how to use Binary to get that drone to fly!.
Clara (Smiling:<rank> I've added this info to your case file!
Liam: We have our first clue. Let's go and question the witness, <name>!

Question the witness, Maggie O'Hara
Liam: Hello Maggie, we wanted to ask if you knew a Mr Duncan Flower
Maggie: Sadly not officers. I hope you can find the killer though
Liam: Did you see anything strange?
Maggie: Now that you mention it. I did see someone wearing a hat on the other side of the gate. Hopefully this can help
Liam: Thanks for your help miss. Do you know Binary?
Maggie: Yes. I do D+T in college, may I go now?
Liam: You can. We'll have a look at that drone!

Examine Drone
Liam: Amazing work <rank>, let's get this drone to Holly and see if she can tell us something!

Analyse Drone
Liam: Holly, did you find anything on the drone that could help us find a suspect?
Holly: You're in luck. I manage to find a serial number which lead me to the army officer Henry Fancy!
Liam: Very interesting, let's talk to this army officer shell we? <rank>!

Speak with the army officer, Henry Fancy
Liam: Henry, we found one of your army's drones at the airport. Do you know what it was doing there
Henry: no. It wasn't meant to leave the camp. I don't know what happened to it though
Liam: It was used to murder Mr Duncan Flower, do you know him?
Henry: No officer. I can't help you there but maybe look around my army site. You're sure to find something

Liam: You're right <rank>. I don't trust that Army officer but we must get more evident to make sure it's him. Let's have a look around his army camp!

Investigate Army Camp
Liam: You found a phone. we'll leave it to Holly to unlock it!
Liam: Unless you want to give it a try

Analyse Phone
Liam: Holly, what did you find on the phone?
Holly: Well this is the victim's phone but it seems like they took a picture of themselves
Liam (Laughing): What an idiot. Did they show their face
Holly (Annoyed): No, they only showed their shirt and I can tell you that your killer is wearing a polo shirt!
Holly (Happy): I've added this to your case file!
Liam: Excellence. We've gotten so far in this first part

Liam: You've done amazing my friend, now let's tell the chief about what we've found!

Chapter 2

Mark: How is your investigation going so far <Name>?
Liam: Well we have two suspects and we've found the murder weapon!
Mark: Excellence but I'm afraid your work isn't done. Go back to the army base and see if you can anything that will help you
Mark: Also I've been told one of your suspects didn't tell you everything. Henry knows Binary
Mark: Now our time to talk is over. Go and get the killer. Make me proud!

Investigate Helicopter landing pad
Liam: What is this strange plate doing here and what is that strange design on it. Let's put it in the database and see what it's about?

Examine Plate Design
Liam: I'm a bit confused by the plate design. It says it's from a war in Yorkshire but there hasn't been a war for years in Yorkshire.
Liam (Reading a book): Let me see what this is all about...
Liam: What a lot of...sorry...but according to the book. There was a war in the city of Parinaita. I've never heard of that city
Liam: Anyway. This plate belongs to a Mr Robert Hush. We better go and talk to him

Talk with Robert about the plate
Liam: Robert. We found your plate with, according to a book, the battle of Parinaita on it
Robert: Thanks. I've been looking for that everywhere. The army took it because they thought it was a drone
Liam: Strange you should mention a drone. We found a man murdered with one
Robert: A murder you say? That isn't good and I pray for his family but I'm doing something on Binary at the minute and everything seems to be going well
Robert: So can I left in peace so I can finish?
(After talking to Robert)
Liam: I somehow knew we wouldn't get much out of Robert and anyway. We have much more important things to deal with. Let's investigate the candle place again!

Investigate Candle Stand
Liam: You found a remote control, possibly for the drone. Let's get a simple of that hair from the remote control!

Examine drone
Liam (Holding the remote control): Let's send this to holly and see what these hairs can tell us about our killer!

Analyse hairs
Holly: I analysed the hairs and I can tell you your killer has Gray hair!
Liam: Wow. That was fast. Okay then, so our killer has gray hair. Let's go and arrest them!
in the police office
Liam: You have everything we need to arrest the killer. Let's go and put some cuffs on them!

Arrest Killer

(Before arresting the killer)
(Liam Attender: So let's look at the suspects and see which one might be the killer)
(Liam Attender: Let's look at the suspects. Click on Robert)
(Liam Attender: Hmm...Doesn't look like the killer. He's not wearing a hat. Let's move on)
(Liam Attender: Close again with Henry but he doesn't wear a polo shirt. Move on)
(Liam Attender: You think you know who the killer is. Let's arrest them!) (After arresting the killer)
Liam Maggie O'Hara, you're under arrest for the murder of Duncan Flower.
Maggie: How can I have murdered someone if I wasn't anywhere near where the killer was. I witness the murder
Liam: The facts don't lie. We found out you hacked into the drone so it would shoot Duncan. You even told us that the killer wore a hat
Maggie: So. That army man wears a hat
Liam: But he doesn't wear a polo shirt. It's time to face the music and tell us why!
Maggie: Because he shouldn't have been let into Britain. We don't want Europeans anymore!
Liam: What? But this is an airport
Maggie: Yes and Europe is the reason we are in all this trouble in the first place!
Liam: I think it's time you took a hard look at yourself Maggie but how did you fire the weapon
Maggie: Easy. I lied. Now take me to prison!
Liam: Very well, <name>. I'll see you later

In the chief's office
Mark: Well done on arresting the killer <name>. She was sentence to 10 years in prison and I'm proud that you got to her in time.
Mark: Now it's time to choose how you look. Choose something that suits you
After picking your new look
Mark: Very nice. Now that we're done here. I'll see you tomorrow!
Mark: Oh no. Don't think you're getting the day off. A new adventure awaits!

(Before moving onto a new case)
(Liam Attender: Well done on this case mate. It's time to move onto case 1. Click the green button and I will see you there!)

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