Grimsborough Justice Squad is a fan-made series of Criminal Case, as well as an alternative version of season 5.


Grimsborough has three superheroes in town willing to protect the city and serve justice, but now they are facing a big threat! Could they save the day like all heroes do?


Main Characters/Grimsborough Justice Squad Members:

  • Cynthia Rayman/Amazing Girl: A 27-year-old CCN reporter, her real identity is an alien from another planet Srybton. She was sent to earth as a baby when her homeplanet was destroyed. She was then adopted by Jonathan and Jessica Rayman after they found her in their garden. Srybtonans have similar physical appearance and biology with humans, including lifespan. However, Srybtonans have superpowers that awaken when they reach 10-15 years of age. Cynthia discovered her powers when she is 13 and decides to use them for the greater good. Cynthia works as a reporter in CCN and is the adoptive daughter of Jonathan and Jessica Rayman, the late owners of Rayman Company. She is also the adoptive sister of Charles Rayman, the current CEO of Rayman Company. Cynthia is a cheerful, positive, and friendly girl. Her sense of justice leads her to having a career as a journalist. However, she can be clumsy, clueless, silly and a bit of air-headed sometimes. She has a good relationship with her adoptive brother despite arguing sometimes (as Charles is a bit too protective to her). She has a crush on her co-worker, Louis Leroux. Cynthia is based on popular DC superhero Superman (aka Clark Kent).
  • Charles Rayman/Crowman: The 32-year-old CEO of Rayman Company, Charles is the son of Jonathan and Jessica Rayman. When Charles was 8 years old, his parents were murdered by a robber in front of him. Traumatized, Charles chose to fight crime on his own. Charles loves Cynthia like she was his biological sister and will protect her at all costs. He is worried about Cynthia being exposed and captured by wicked organizations for her superpowers. Charles is a polite and intelligent business man. He is generous and caring towards his employees and people in need that he will not hesitate to donate and participate charity activities. However, Charles is also quite stubborn and bossy and has trusting issues. Charles gets really overprotective towards Cynthia when some things happened (like when Cynthia got into trouble due to her job as a journalist). Charles is based on Batman (aka Bruce Wayne), another popular DC superhero.
  • Rozetta of Xerda/Miracle Lady: Rozetta is a 3126-year-old Demi-godness sculpted from clay by her mother Queen Penthesilea of Xerda. She was given a life by God to live as a Xerdan, along with superhuman powers as gifts by the Holy Ones. When she was 1018 years old, she left her home and started an adventure, becoming a noble hero helping those in needed, fighting for truth and justice. After 2097 years of hero life, Earth has become more of a peaceful place, so she decided to take a break and live a normal human life. So she used the identity “Rozetta Pierre”, being a young genius. But when threats and dangers were fading out, Rozetta decided to return to her hero life. Rozetta is a tough and condfident woman with a sense of justice. She is protective and treats her allies as equal. She dislikes unnecessary lies and has a rule of “half a lie”, meaning she would only say half of the lie. For example, she does not lie about her first name but lies about her surname. Rozetta is based on Wonder Woman (aka Diana Prince), a DC superhero. (Note: Rozetta Pierre doesn’t exist in this universe and Rozetta Of Xerda have nothing to do with the things happened in the dome, she was being set up.)

Supporting Characters:

  • Adam Daffey: A 65-year-old bulter of the Rayman Manison and the legal guardian of Charles and Cythina. He is an ex-veteran and had taught Charles martial arts. He is based on Alfred Pennyworth, Batman's butler.
  • Gordon Parker/The Eagle: 22-year-old librarian and the son of Ray and Diane Parker. He was paralyzed from a car accident but that didn’t stop him from trying fight for justice. He serves as an informant of Crowman and is a genius hacker as well as being one of the supporting allies for Crowman. Gordon is based on Barbara Gordon (aka Oracle), a character from DC Comics.
  • Diane Parker: A 47-year-old Chief of the Grimsborough Police Department. The Raymans’ murder was Diane’s first case after she joined the police at age 23. Diane assured an 8-years-old Charles that she will bring his parents’ killer to justice and she will succeed in doing so. Diane is also the one who inspired Charles to fight criminal for justice. Diane is the only police member to be aware of Crowman’s crime fighting activity as she was an ally of him, sometimes asking for his help when needed. Diane in this story is based on Jim Gordon, a character from DC Comics and one of Batman’s allies.
  • Tony Marconi: A 57-year-old businessman and former mobster. Jonathan Rayman and Tony Marconi were childhood friends. Before his death, Jonathan offered Tony to be Charles and Cynthia’s godfather, but Tony has to hide his criminal background. Tony acts as a father figure to both Charles and Cynthia until Charles discovered Tony’s criminal background when Charles was 23 years old. Charles doesn’t have the guts to report his godfather, but he wants nothing to do with Tony anymore. When Tony was released from jail, Charles hopes his godfather changes for real, but Cynthia is happy that he quitted his criminal life. Tony knows about his godkids’ secrets (Cynthia having superpowers and Charles is Crowman), but he never tells anyone.
  • Louis Leroux: A 33-year-old CCN reporter who works with Cynthia. Due to Cynthia’s clumsy and air-headed personality, Louis always helps her getting out of embarrassing situations. He sees her as a good friend and is unaware of Cynthia‘s affection towards him, but Louis gets interested in the mysterious superheroine Amazing Girl after being rescued by her multiple times. In this story, Louis is based on Lois Lane, a character from DC Comics who often appears as Superman/Clark Kent’s love interest.
  • Phillip Hoover: A 40-year-old geologist who is Rozetta’s assistant and ally. He has a cat named Diana.
  • Mia Loukas: A 24-year-old beat cop of the Grimsborough Police Department. She is Cynthia and Danny’s close friend.
  • Danny Gibbs: A 25-year-old crisis worker and a close friend of Cynthia and Mia.
  • Randolph/RaN-D-O'lf: An alien from Krep-9, formerly a “weird resident” of Pacific Bay. He returns to Earth to warn humans about the Mindslaver. He meets Cynthia and Charles upon coming to Earth and becomes an ally to them.


1. "City Of Grimsborough"

2. "In to the Dome"

3. "Unexpected Twist"

4. "The Young And Misguided"

5. "A New Clue"

6. "Loyal and Death"

7. "Symbol of Hope"

8. "Deformer"

9. "The League of Darkness"

10. "Out of the Dark"

11. "Justice and Truth"

12. "Can’t Spell Slaughter Without Laughter"

13. "Toxic"

14. "End Of The Devil"

15. "Enemy From Outside"

16. "A City Of Light"


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