"So what if you're a skilled officer? Do i need to praise you like you're Zeus?"
―Gretchen Maplewood

Gretchen Maplewood is the profiler for Atlantic Alps Police Department.


Gretchen is a young, outskirts woman in her 20s. Gretchen usually dresses and acts tomboyish prior to her look. Gretchen usually wears a red-black plaid shirt with three buttons unbuttoned. Underneath it, she wears a black shirt with the Enigma (in-game metal band) logo. She usually sports a loose denim pants with ripped knees and a pair of spelunking boots. Gretchen has a long brown hair tied in braids to the right. To complete her look, Grethcen wears a brown leather belt and a bandage in her right arm.

Gretchen is 28 years old, stands at 6'2, weights 160 lbs, has green eyes, and a B+ blood type. Gretchen's favorite animal is a honey bear and her favorite dish is pancakes. Gretchen is a competent lady, altough is very tomboyish and cynical, and can be meddlesome at times.

Personal Life

Gretchen is raised in Glorious Heights, an outskirt districts in Atlantic Alps near the forested area. Gretchen is raised by a lumberjack family and is trained to be a tough kid. Gretchen had to diffuse with males since her mother left her father when she was just a child. And beginning from there, she becomes a somewhat tomboyish lady.


Gretchen's job is to analyze physical objects and/or clues that cannot be analyzed flawlessly through bio-forensics or digital analysis, but instead through psychological analysis.

Below is the list of analyses Gretchen performs throughout the course of the game:

Case #1: The Flying Deadman

  • Modified Dartboard (09.00.00)

Case #2: To Kill a Mocking Jay

  • Hotel Map (03.00.00)

Case Appearances

As one of the main characters and the Profiler of the PD, Gretchen appeared in every case which psychological analysis is needed.

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