Greg Gibbs
Biographical information
Full name Greg Gibbs
Gender Male
Status Incarcerated
Birth 1983
Nationality American
Residence Laroy Bay
Profession(s) Doctor
Game information
First appeared Case #49 Murder By Lakeside

Greg Gibbs was the killer of geologist Philip Hoover in Murder By Lakeside (Case #49 of Laroy Bay).After that he made a minor appearence in Up in the Air (Case #50 of Laroy Bay).


Greg is a 35-year-old family doctor. He has curly black hair and a light stubble. He wears a blue coat and a orange tie under his white doctor's coat. He also wears a stethoscope and a watch on his left wrist. Additionally, he carries a medicine book and has a rash on his face.

Age 35
Height 6'1''
Weight 175lbs
Eyes Brown
Blood Type 0-

Murder By Lakeside

Greg was interrogated after team found his DNA on broken security camera.He said that he accidently broke it.When team told him that Philip Hoover was found murdered right where the camera was,he said that Philip was a good guy.

Greg was spoken to again after team found threat he wrote in Latin for Philip.He said that Philip was his childhood friend,but he was a jerk to Greg with constantly bullying him.When he got job in The Venom,Philip remembered Greg and harrased him even more.

Later on,team arrested him for murder.Greg started crying claiming that it was his only way of escaping from The Venom.Greg got a job as their doctor and thought that they were harmless,but after some time,he noticed fishy things about them.They had a room filled with newborn babies and he could hear their non-stoppable crying whole time.When he told Philip about this,Philip laughed and said babies are used as test subjects.Greg immediatly wanted to quit The Venom,but Philip threatened that he will inform their leader about this if Greg tries to quit or ran away.To safe himself from being killed,he poisoned Philip's drink so that Philip can't inform their leader about this.When team asked him who is the leader,he said that he doesn't know that.Judge Eva Rose sentenced Greg to 13 years in prison.

Up in the Air


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