Grayson Pierre
Biographical information
Full name Grayson Pierre
Alias(es) Judge Pierre
Gender Male
Status Alive
Birth 1989
Nationality Flag of FranceFlag of USA French-American
Residence Venusville
Profession(s) City Judge
Family Unnamed wife

Unnamed daughter

Affiliation(s) Venusville Justice Fighters
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case Venusville
First appeared Case #1 Learn the Ropes
Don't judge a book by it's cover
—-Grayson Pierre

Grayson Pierre, appearing as a recurring character in Criminal Case Venusville where he serves as city judge.

He appeared as a suspect in the murder investigations of VJF tech expert Ben Hathaway in Act of Disloyalty (Case #35 of Venusville) and courthouse clerk Corrina Carson in Out of Court (Case #50 of Venusville). Prior to that he appeared as a quasi-suspect in Arms of Lucius (Case #18 of Venusville).


Grayson is 30-year-old judge with short red hair and blue eyes.He wears judge robe with brown tie and white shirt under it.

Grayson's favourite activity is playing basketball and watching movies with his wife and teenage daughter.His favourite animal is a lion.

In his suspect appearence, Grayson has soot stains all over him.

Age 30
Height 5'11''
Weight 154 lbs
Eyes blue
Blood Type A-


Name Case Sentence
Malik Noorani Learn the Ropes Detained in a high security medical institution
Olly Oliver Across the Board 20 years in prison.
Lucy Lumber A Conspiracy of Silence 27 years in prison.
Skylar Sage Neck Pain 40 years in prison.
Hank Black One More to Go 17 years in prison (with mandatory counseling)
Jason Stone Slow and Painful Life in prison.
Padre Rafael Lunch Off 7 years in prison.
Daisy Blim Take the Heat 25 years in prison.
Ava Zamora Dark History 22 years in prison.
Dorothy Kix Hello Neighbor 7 years in jail (with parole eligibility in 5 years)
Mike Carter A Gilded Cage 30 years in prison.
Jamie Powell Arrow of Time 30 years in prison.
Warren Mathis Nailing It 5 years in prison.
Stevie Benedict In a Cold Sweat 15 years in prison.
Tyra Dossi A Rough Diamond 27 years in prison.
Roy Redwater In Low Water 50 years in prison.
Mia Williams In the Limelight 20 years in prison (with psychological counseling).
Anthony Blackpaw Arms of Lucius Granted immunity for a crime, sentenced to undergo a rehabilitation program.
Ethan Soders All Bets are Off 18 years in prison.
Gregory Woods Devil to Pay 25 years in prison.
Sandra Afron No Prey, No Pay 41 years in prison (with psychological counselling).
Rufus Murlock Out of Sight 10 years in prison.
Tiana Flanagan Bleeding Yellow Life imprisonment with no chance for parole.
Oliver Piper Not Set in Stone 5 years in prison (with parole eligibility in 2 years).
Joe Turner With a Light Heart 15 years in prison.
Deniz Barak Come the Acid 30 years in prison.
Stella Ziarati Just Roman Around Remanding in custody pending a thorough psychiatric evaluation.
Kai Goldenberg Face Fallen 7 years in prison.
Anthony Blackpaw Brink of Disaster Life in prison under maximum security.
Vanessa Cullen A Ball of Fire 25 years in prison.
Harry Kingston Saved by the Bell Sent to a correctional facility for youths, with mandatory counseling sessions.
Reggie Liotta Lost in Dark Life in prison with no chance for parole.
Leo Capecchi Buttered On 5 years in prison (with psychological counseling).
Reggie Liotta The Bird Box Lethal syringe execution.
Jamie Powell Sentence reduced by 15 years.
Lucy Campbell Above the Water 35 years in prison (with psychiatric counseling).
Erik A Bag of Tricks Life in prison.
Hamida Mukhailif Stir Crazy 7 years in prison.
Giulianno Rose Scary Bedtime Stories 25 years in prison.
Izzy Ramsey Digging Up 10 years in prison.
Charlie Winchester Waking the Dead 40 years in jail (with psychiatric counseling).
Clarissa Lovara Truth in Wine 25 years in prison.
Gail Harding A Whale of Time 5 years in prison.
Kayla Meduse Chip and Charge 40 years in prison.
Derrick Jordan Waste of Breath 9 years in prison.
Brad Price 3 years in prison.
Ryan Dubbs Up for Auction 25 years in prison.
Avery Miller Heart of Courage Life in prison.
Margaret Hatchman Break the News 30 years in prison.
Cosmo Longreed Talking to Dead Life in mental asylum.
Dalhia Romanna 35 years in prison (with psychiatric counseling).
Unnamed cult members
Molly Greene Hole in One 25 years in prison.
Oswald Hart Fallen Star 21 years in prison.
Jon Tavin Breathing Space 40 years in prison.
Ash McKenzie The Roof Caves In Confinement in a psychiatric institution for criminals.
Patrick Sawyer Falling Apart Life in prison.
Madison Black An Icy Inferno Life in a maximum security prison without chance for parole.
Mandy Pregodich 50 years in prison.

Events of Criminal Case

Act of Disloyalty

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Out of Court

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