Graham Charmmfield
Full name Graham Charmmfield
Gender Male
Status Alive
Residence Belfriar, Kensington Heights, England
Family Florinda Charmmfield (Wife) Geoffrey Ecsadus (Father-in-Law)
Appearance(s) Cutting Off Loose Ends
Education is for Life

Graham Charmmfield was a minor character mentioned in Cutting Off Loose Ends (Case #2 of Kensington Heights) and then appeared in Education is for Life (Case #4 of Kensington Heights).


Graham wears a large pea green coat, he wears a red shirt underneath it, he has brown hair and brown eyes.

Role in Case(s)

Cutting Off Loose Ends

Graham was mentioned briefly by Graham's wife, Florinda Charmmfield, who said that she couldn't talk because she was late for a dinner reservation with Graham.

Education is for Life

Graham was required when Whilomena Jerman's funeral started.


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