Gotty Gotham
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Biographical information
Full name Gotty Gotham
Gender Male
Status Alive
Birth 1992
Nationality American
Game information
Appears in in Criminal Case: Stanford Bay
First appearance My Heart Won't Go On

Gotty Gotham appeared as a suspect in the murder investigation of his childhoid friend, Robin Falcon in My Heart Won't Go On (Case #4 of Stanford Bay)


Gotty is a 26 year old guy who is known as a weird guy.

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Events of Criminal Case

Gotty is spoken to after the team found a photo of him with the victim. Gotty said that the victim, Robin Falcon was his childhood friend and they were very close. From childhood he was a weird guy and Robin was the only person not to mind that and they became close friends. Gotty then said though Robin is dead, his soul will remain here forever, haunting the killer untill they are brought to justice.

Mid investigation, Gotty approached to the team, saying the victim's soul spoke to Gotty. He said he won't rest in peace untill the killer was brought to justice, and he has to play a part in it. The team found gotty very weird and suspicious, but he was found innocent after the player found Meghan Gunther guilty for the murder.

Case appearances

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