Gottingham Police Force
Type Law enforcement agency
Common name Gottingham Police Force
Abbreviation GPF, GPD
Headquarters Gottingham, United Kingdom
General nature Law enforcement
Formation Unknown
Colors Green and gray
Appearance(s) Criminal Case (s1)

The Gottingham Police Force (Also known as the GPF or GPD) Are the main police department for Doctor Bonnie's series. Gottingham. Here you can see all the team members and learn about them.

Name Age Position Status
Mark Jaffason 65 Chief of Police Active
Liam Attender 28 Investigator Active
Player Unknown Investigator Active
Holly Krison 32 Lab and Tech Expert Active
Clara Standee 34 Chief medical investigator Active
Amir Agarwal 33 Part-time investigator and Helper Active
Sharwock House 24 Historian Active
William Vance 25 Bodyguard Deceased
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