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Gossip Also Kills
General information
Season Murdertown
City Burnwell
District Sparklight Beach
Case # 4
Initial release date July 26, 2021
Partner(s) Lexy Barrymore
Case chronology
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A water beating The singer's voice is over
You arrived at the residence of Sakura Daidaiyama, to find out more information about The Bird Corrupt, but you cannot find Sakura, but you noticed some used syringes in the pool, do you have a new homicide on your hands?

Gossip also Kills is a case featured in Criminal Case: Murdertown as the 4rd case of the game. It is the quarter to take place in Sparklight Beach, a district of Burnwell.


Lexy and the player arrived at Sakura Daidaiyama's residence, when they arrived they noticed that the door was open, when they entered they began to inspect the house, but there was no sign of Sakura, they looked closer and noticed that there were several syringes in the pool, and used, Lexy got quite pensive, since it was not strange that there were syringes in the pool, Lexy took her cell phone and dialed Sakura, but she did not answer her, she called her several times, but still without answer, suddenly they heard a scream From the second floor, Lexy and the player quickly went to the second floor and found Sakura, who was looking at a body with a swollen face on the bed in the room, Sakura turned to see the duo and started crying, Lexy calmed Sakura and asked who it was, she said it was Ross Belle, a gossip columnist for the same magazine that Sakura worked, The duo put Sakura as a suspect for finding Ross's corpse, they sent the body of the victim to Melissa, and we sent the syringes to Edmund to analyze, they also inspected the offices of Funny Gossip, they marked the suspect as a suspect. victim's lover, new pop star, Wyatt Pieterse, and the singer Brianna Love, because it turned out that the victim spoke to her for the magazine who was a suspect in a previous investigation

After inspecting the place, the Lexy and the player went to the station for the autopsy, Mel said that he died due to the substances that were in the syringes, and he could see that the places where they injected him, it was seen that they had put in a bad way or in unusual places, and they were on the right parts of the body, he deduced that the murderer used his right hand to inject the victim, and apparently it was not his agile hand, and the murderer was definitely left-handed, after After seeing the autopsy analysis, we went to Edmund for the syringes, and he said that the syringes had traces of a drink called Bloody Mary, and as there were no traces of that drink on the victim, it must have been the killer, Both went to the station to recap the case, when the boss of Funny Gossip, Ashley Morningstar got angry when she found out that they had entered the company without permission, but they notified her about the murder, she was horrified, to the point that she fainted, more Later the duo went to the victim's house to get more evidence, in the investigation we discovered that Ross was with Wyatt to get gossip for his work, and that Brianna sued Ross for defamation in Funny Gossip magazine, they also began to suspect him of Sakura's stepsister, Lucille Chung, who was in Burnwell to visit Sakura

When we got back to Sakura's residence, we saw the girl grow some trees with her hands, Lexy was paralyzed when she saw this fact, she thought she was hinting but it was true, Lexy and the player went to confront Sakura, who was quite nervous, and she confessed to being a creature of nature, and that she was from an island near Japan, Sakura asked the player and Lexy to guard the secret, as she could not risk being killed for her species, it was also discovered that Lucille was also a being of nature, and inherited it from her mother, Lexy and the player also discovered that Ashley stole money from the company and that Ross discovered it and planned to publish it in the magazine

In the end it is discovered that the killer was the gossip columnist, Sakura Daidaiyama, she refused, saying that because she was not human, it did not mean that she was evil, but when she gave the evidence she left her bag and phone and looked at the duo and confessed, she said that she killed him but that it was not her intention to kill him, she said that Ross was not a gossip columnist, he was one of the administrators of The Bird Corrupt, she began to investigate them and out of nowhere they added Ross for her partner , the day Sakura called the duo to go to her house, she was surprised by Ross who was in her room with a bird mask, she asked what he was doing there and he confessed to being one of the administrators of The Bird Corrupt, and that he shouldn't have put his nose where it doesn't bother him, he took some syringes and threw himself on Sakura, she tried to use her powers but they didn't work and what she came up with was to hit Ross with her foot and that made her fall on one side and drop the syringes, Sakur She reacted quickly and quickly took one of the syringes and injected them into her face to defend herself, without imagining that her face would swell, she got scared and threw the syringes into the pool when she saw that Lexy and the player were outside. the house, she returned to her room and seconds the duo arrived on the scene

Judge Zara Thompson was condescending with Sakura, because she discovered information from the organization and was going to tell the police, and that it was in self-defense, the judge pardoned Sakura and released her

Later at the station Lexy and the player informed Clifford that Sakura had discovered that Ross Belle was a member and leader of The Bird Corrupt, he was happy enough, although the kidnapped boys from the previous case, Lexy and the player had yet to be found. They went to the victim's house to get the evidence to find Cherry and Liam, and we only found notes with various things, but what was striking is that it had a bird seal, we sent it to Edmund, and he said there was one direction that led to a luxury yacht, and the name of Brianna Love came out, she commented that Ross had invited her to sing to that yacht for a private party, that only elite and wealthy people would be there, Lexy and the player confessed about the kidnappings and she was surprised at this, Lexy asked her not to tell them anything, and if she could cooperate with the police to be able to find the kidnappers and Cherry and Liam, she gladly accepted and hoped she would be useful for that matter

2 days later, the day of the expected party arrived and Justin, Lexy and the player accompanied Brianna to the party, but all except Brianna were dressed as rich party people and asked Brianna if she needed help or had gotten something to let them know , Brianna heeded the prompts and went on stage to sing



  • Ross Belle (Found lifeless in the room with a swollen face)

Murder Weapon

  • Syringes


  • Sakura Daidaiyama



Killer's Profile

  • The killer is left-handed
  • The killer drinks Bloddy Mary
  • The killer speaks Japanese
  • The killer is a woman
  • The killer have black eyes