Gone Viral is the last case to take place in the district Acropolis Airport in the series Hidden Missions, it is the sixth case in the series overall.


Previously, Reed alerted the rest of the A.S.I. team that he finally located the whereabouts of convicted killer Veronica Lieu. Upon receiving the address, Agent Wong and the player put on HAZMAT suits to arrest Veronica. However, when they arrived in the testing laboratory, Veronica was found dead in one of the testing chambers.

During the investigation, the player and Agent Wong arrested both Carla Hagan and Alastair Hahn for criminal conspiracy and public endangerment, the two refused to cooperate with the A.S.I. about their scheme. The A.S.I. also managed to stop Scott Emery from escaping in Hahn's private jet. Lab technician Jemima Harper was also arrested for her involvement in the illegal experimentation.

Agent Cruz jumped into action when Agent Wong suddenly contracted the Valencian virus, making Dr. Woodley and Candy scramble to find proper medical treatment. In the climax of the case, the player and Agent Cruz found enough evidence to arrest biologist Mick Ackroyd for Veronica's murder.

Mick openly admitted to the murder, claiming that it was the best science experiment he ever concocted - explaining that Veronica's death proves the lethality of the newly enhanced Valencian virus. Just before Mick was about to infect the player and Agent Cruz, Agent Sommers managed to taze him. Mick was then transferred to court, where Judge Bishop sentenced him to life in prison.

Dr. Woodley and the player work together to quickly come up with a treatment to cure Agent Wong. They find an emergency stash of medicine in the the testing laboratory. Dr. Woodley was able to make a synthetic drug to cure Agent Wong. Afterwards, Dr. Woodley was also able to make enough of the synthetic drug to be distributed for those who may be infected.

Meanwhile, Darius Frost sought the player's help to take over BioSafe and their research. However, to give full control to Darius, Director Fellowes tasked the player and Agent Sommers to weed out the corruption in BioSafe. The two agents found a laptop in Alastair's private jet, which, per Reed, contain multiple files explaining Dr. Hagan and Alastair's master plan - to trigger a lethal global pandemic by infecting people in the airport and develop a vaccine as a cure so that people can see and worship the wonders of science. The plan included Alastair as the ringleader of the smuggling operation, using his staff to smuggle samples of the Valencian virus from all over the world and making a smuggling route through the flight allocations and exclusive tourist destinations. Through the laptop, Reed had access to BioSafe's mainframe and moved all incriminating files into the A.S.I.'s evidence database, BioSafe was then put in Darius' hands. Afterwards, Director Fellowes had Agent Sommers and the player search the secret laboratory for more evidence against Dr. Hagan and Alastair, they found out that the two frequently stayed in Sunshine Resort.

The next week, Agent Wong has fully recovered and thanked Dr. Woodley and the player for treating her. Darius Frost has full management over BioSafe's virus immunization program. Director Fellowes then gave the team the initiative to focus their investigation on Sunshine Resort to investigate further into Dr. Hagan and Alastair's connection.



  • Veronica Lieu (succumbed to enhanced Valencian virus)

Murder Weapon

  • Virus Exposure


  • Mick Ackroyd



Killer's Profile

  • The killer eats dragonfruit
  • The killer uses Wix ointment
  • The killer knows calculus
  • The killer wears black
  • The killer is under 40

Crime Scenes

Primary Crime Scenes Secondary Crime Scenes
Testing Laboratory Testing Chambers
Secret Laboratory Pathogen Station
Hahn's Private Jet Sitting Area


Chapter 1

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Chapter 2

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Chapter 3

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Additional Investigation – "Sky High Affairs (6/6)"

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