Amanda Carson (beaming) Oh, there <sex> is! My newest recruit, homicide <rank>, <name>!
Amanda Carson (embarrased) I do apologise, where are my manners? My name is Chief Amanda Carson. Welcome to the Kensington Height Police Department.
Amanda Carson Or the KDPD, we don't mind.
Amanda Carson (embarrassed) We are very lucky to have you hear. To be honest, without you...I don't know if I could have kept the department running!
Amanda Carson (overwhelmed) But you are our saving grace! Let me introduce you to everyone!
Amanda Carson This here is my assistant, Angela Wollatz.
Angela Wollatz (annoyed) It's not An-je-la, it's An-guh-la! Honestly, how long have I worked here?
Amanda Carson I'm sorry, Angela.
Amanda Carson (profoundly) Now, try not to be alarmed, <name>. But we have one of the brightest minds in the continent. Cora Portillini invented a robot.
Cora Portillini (proudly) Yup! Here she is! Finally, years and years after trying and trying to get it right. I present to you:
Cora Portillini A robotic, official, x-raying, automatic, neurotic nexus. AKA ROX-ANN!
Angela Wollatz Isn't Roxann your middle name?
Cora Portillini (ashamed) Happy accident.
Amanda Carson (excited) Oh, this is very exciting! Switch her on!
A large figure is hidden beneath a large tarpaulin, and is wheeled out by Cora.
Cora Portillini Here she is! (Cora pulls off the tarpaulin to reveal a stunning robot) Let's hope this works!
ROX-ANN Bonjourno, mi chiamo Roxann. Hello, could I order a slice of...(ROX-ANN suddenly powers off)
Amanda Carson (disappointed) Oh.
Cora Portillini (distraught) NO!
Angela Wollatz Cora, calm down! It's okay! One time my goldfish died when I was a babe.
Cora Portillini A goldfish can only remember two seconds of its life! TWO! ROX-ANN could remember the entire Greek alphabet backwards and come to her own conclusions, you have no idea, Angela!
Amanda Carson (stressed) Let's continue.
Amanda Carson This is Madame Elise Carne, the eldest member on the team but also the most valuable, she'll be accompanying you on your cases when ROX-ANN isn't, I guess.
Madame Carne (stern) Madame Carne will suit you. Don't call me by my first name, no-one does.
Amanda Carson Believe it or not, we have three generations of Carne's in the department. This is Madame Carne's daughter, Edna Carne, but we all just call her Mademoiselle Carne.
Mademoiselle Carne I'll be looking at all your weapons.
Madame Carne Shh!
Amanda Carson And this is Edna's daughter, Ellie, but we all call her Duchesse.
Duchesse Carne I'm the one you send your bodies to. Please, look after my grandmother.
Amanda Carson Next is forensic analyst Percius Mexatas.
Percius Mexatas Hey, 'Manda, did you know that there is a very fine line between a neumorator and a denominator? Don't worry, only a fraction of people do!
Amanda Carson (straight faced)...Next is Brynn Wylfire, he is the boyfriend of Ms Natalia Reznikova. Profiler and historian respectively.
Brynn Wylfire I can't wait to start this journey with you!
Natalia Reznikova Yes! It'll be an adventure of a lifetime!
Amanda Carson And that's the team.
Amanda Carson We are honestly so proud to have you here. Tell you what, why don't you and Madame Carne visit her hometown of Belfriar for a lovely wonder? Madame Carne, tell <name> about the place.
Madame Carne Will do, Amanda.
In Belfriar, an affluent area.
Madame Carne I grew up, it was a lovely community, back then I was a migrant. We had just arrived from Calais, and settled in this community. It was so lovely.
Madame Carne The people are lovely.
Madame Carne (smiling) I just loved it!
Madame Carne Oh, no. We've gone right to the edge of town. Come on, I'll show you the way ba-Oh mon dour!
Madame Carne (gasping) That girl! Is she...okay?
Madame Carne (closing her eyes and steadying herself) Of course not, look at those deep wounds. Let's look around.
Investigate Kensington Heights Sign.
Madame Carne The poor girl! She is..was so pretty. What else of have you get?
Madame Carne Hmm, technology will never be my strong point, why don't you have a go at that?
Madame Carne Plus this torn letter could give us some sort of insight. Well, go on then!
Autopsy victim's body.
Duchesse Carne Good morning, grandmother.
Madame Carne Hello, Duchesse. How did the autopsy go?
Duchesse Carne (proud) Oh, it was nothing! Look what I found!
Duchesse Carne This lady, Ms Sheridan Countfield-Bannington, was stabbed once.
Duchesse Carne The stabber penetrated Sheridan's gut, causing her to bleed-out and die.
Madame Carne Cheery.
Duchesse Carne Exactly, not good. Now, you're going t be looking for a long knife with a hard, jagged edge. Like a bread knife.
Madame Carne Perfect.
Duchesse Carne And your killer most certainly wears gold. Somehow, the knife picked up fragments of gold before plunging into Sheridan.
Madame Carne That's amazing! Let's go, <name>, we've got so much to do!
Madame Carne Sheridan Countfield-Bannington. My word, that's a mouthful of a name.
Madame Carne The Countfield-Bannington's are a very rich family, they emerged only a couple of years ago into the high society. Let's go take a look at the manor.
Investigate Countfield-Bannington Manor.
Madame Carne Hey, you! Get down from there! Take that sign down at once!
Xante Huffington-Brookes Not ever! Be gone, vile witch!
Madame Carne Excuse me? How dare you! Officer Carne, I'm arresting you on public disruption, trespassing and verbally assaulting a police officer.
Madame Carne That was fun. What did you pick up here?
Madame Carne I'd bet my last euro that's the knife used on Sheridan. Get a bit of that powder off it.
Madame Carne And let's take that sign that man was nailing to the house. In fact, let's take that man. He's a suspect now.
Madame Carne Come on, sir.
Examine torn letter.
Madame Carne (putting glasses on) Let's see. "Sheridan, go back to where you came from, Arthur B." Arthur B...Arthur B...well, the only Arthur B I can think of is Arthur Bloomingthal, the CEO of Bloominghtal Fashion. Come on, let's go have a word with him.
Examine Tablet
Madame Carne So this belongs to Kassie Middleton? The journalist? She works for the KHBC, Kensington Heights Broadcasting Channel. She's very well known.
Madame Carne Hand this over to Cora, she'll get something from it and find out why it was here.
Analyse Tablet
Cora Portillini My word, Ms Middleton really loves her meals. Look at all these pictures!
Madame Carne That's great, Cora. Did you find anything linking to Sheridan?
Cora Portillini Actually, I did, Kassie and Sheridan were very good friends in their youth.
Cora Portillini They went to the same schools, same clubs, they had the same hairstyle for a while.
Madame Carne (rolling her eyes) They sound dreadful.
Cora Portillini They probably were. In 2007 the two drifted apart.
Madame Carne What happened?
Cora Portillini Perhaps "drifted apart" was putting it lightly. Do you remember that scandal that surrounded the KHBC in early 2008? A ton of mobile phones were hacked, apparently the KHCB was behind it.
Cora Portillini I managed to find out that Kassie was behind it after Sheridan tipped a rival news team off about it. Kassie managed to keep it under wraps about her identity, but she and Sheridan vowed to never speak to each other again. Kassie almost lost her job and almost got arrested.
Madame Carne That's enough for a motive! Bring her in.
Examine Knife
Madame Carne Oh, great! You got a bit of that powder off! Send it over to Percius.
Analyse Powder
Percius Mexatas Hello! So, I'll get to it.
Percius Mexatas The powder was saffron, more expensive than gold.
Madame Carne Oh my! Our killer is certainly an affluent one!
Madame Carne So our killer loves a bit of saffron.
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