General information
Season 9
City Laroy Bay
Region Tech Town
Case # 29
Initial release date 30.3.2020
Partner(s) Sven Torrents
Case chronology
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Lie in Ruins Heart's Desire

Gold-Blooded is a case featured in Criminal Case Return to Laroy Bay. It takes place in Tech Town and it's the 29th case of the game, also the fifth one to take place in Tech Town.


After Chief Miller let Sven and player go and save Danny all alone, the pair headed to the Hardwin mansion. When they arrived, Sven told the player that they can't enter since Howard's bodyguards all are around the mansion. Sven then remembered that Lindsay Hardwin told him about a secret tunnel leading to the basement. When they found the secret passageway, the pair went inside. After few minutes of walking, Sven and player entered the basement and found Danny tied to the pole. After untying his hands, Sven tightly hugged him as a single tear rolled down Danny's face. Right then, they heard a loud scream nearby. The trio then went to inspect it, only to find family matriarch Susan Hardwin burned with molten gold. The trio then tried to leave, only to run into Howard and his bodyguards. Sven tried to lie, saying how they arrived when they heard screams. Pissed, Howard ordered his bodyguards to tie up Danny and told Sven that, if they find out who killed Susan, they will let Danny go. As the bodyguards tied Danny to the pole once again, Sven and player investigated the garden and added victim's granddaughter Ellie Argent, victim's son Toby Hardwin and Howard himself on the suspect list. Right when they were about to leave, they heard gunshot coming from the basement.

Sven immediately ran there to see if Danny got hurt, only to see Howard standing next to him holding a gun. Howard then laughed, saying that their friend is not hurt and that he only wanted to scare him. Raging Sven was about to punch Howard, but Danny begged him not to, since the whole place is surrounded. Howard then reminded them that they have to find Susan's killer if they want Danny free. Howard, Sven and player then left, leaving Danny with Howard's bodyguards. The pair then investigated Susan's bedroom and found enough evidence to suspect Howard's son Nathan Hardwin and Susan's another daughter-in-law Karen Hardwin. The pair also discovered that Ellie and Toby are part of the resistance too and that Howard planned to take Susan to the rest home due to being too old. When Sven and player got back to the basement, they saw Howard threatening Danny with a knife as tech expert desperately tried to untie himself.

Sven then grabbed Howard and pinned him to the wall, threatening to smash his head against the wall. Right then, his bodyguards came in and threatened to shoot Danny if he doesn't let Howard go. Sven sighed as Howard snapped, saying that they have only few more hours to find Susan's killer or Danny is going to die. The duo then continued their investigation by searching garden. The duo then discovered that Susan was bullying Karen, saying how she doesn't deserve her son Toby. They also found out that Nathan was pissed at Susan for breaking his violin that Julia gave him. After collecting all of the remaining evidence, the pair found enough evidence to incriminate victim's granddaughter Ellie Argent.

Ellie tried to lie, but when Sven told her that their tech expert is kept as a prisoner in their basement, Ellie immediately confessed that she murdered Susan. Ellie sighed and explained that her and Danny have been dating for few months, but decided to keep their relationship secret due to her family being bunch of assholes. However, few days ago, Susan saw the duo holding hands in the park and immediately threatened to report Ellie to Howard. Knowing that Howard is gonna go crazy about it and forbid them to see each other, Ellie tried to talk some sense into Susan, but she refused to listen. Wanting to save her relationship, Ellie set a molten gold trap, thinking that the team will accuse Howard of such a brutal murder. Ellie then begged them to keep quiet since Howard will lose his mind if he finds out. Not wanting to sent Ellie to certain death, Sven and player agreed to take them with her. While Ellie distracted the guards, Sven and player untied Danny, who could barely walk. After Ellie came downstairs, the couple shared a kiss with Ellie promising him that her family won't harm him anymore. Right then, Howard's bodyguards came downstairs and saw them. The team, along with Ellie, started running through the hidden tunnel. Right as she was about to exit, Ellie got caught by one of the guards. Danny desperately wanted to go back and save her, but Sven told him that he's been through a lot and that they will save Ellie later. The trio then returned back to the station.

While Megan and Anastasia took care of traumatized and injured Danny, Sven and player informed Chief about everything, who told them that they can finally contact FBI since Howard can't harm Danny anymore. Sven and player then spoke to agent Erwin Egan, who told them that FBI found enough proofs to arrest both Jordan and Howard. Sven and player, along with Erwin and other FBI officers, immediately went to Hardwin mansion to arrest Howard, but weren't able to find Howard. They then searched around the mansion garden and eventually found Howard's locked phone that was sent to Anastasia. After analyzing it, Anastasia revealed that Howard's last conversation was with Toby, who begged him to let Ellie go. Sven and player then immediately spoke to Toby, who burst into tears and said that Howard wants to kill Ellie for being a traitor to their whole family, like Lindsay Hardwin was. Since Toby didn't know where Howard and Ellie currently are, the team searched the basement and found a recording of Howard, who laughed and said that he and mayor Crimson are in the gold mine. Howard proceeded to mock them, saying that even if they arrest him, his scientist all around Laroy Bay will start the pandemic. The pair then informed Chief Miller about everything that happend.

Meanwhile, Adrian decided to cheer up Isabella after everything that happend by proposing to her. With Megan's help, Adrian found a black ring with black diamond on it, knowing that it fits with Isabella's unique style. After tracking her down near the ocean shore, Adrian approached her and hugged her from behind before kneeling down, his hands and legs shaking. Adrian then told Isabella how she made him a better person, gave him strength when he didn't had any and made happier than he ever was before. He then reached for his pocket and took out a beautiful black diamond ring, asking Isabella if she wants to make him the happiest man alive by marrying him. After shocked Isabella said yes, the pair hugged each other and shared a long passionate kiss as strong ocean waves crashed onto the shore.

After Adrian returned from the beach, Erwin came to station and told everyone that it's finally the time to bring Howard and Jordan down and save Ellie Argent. Right when they were about to leave the station, Adrian recieved a video call from Isabella, only to see Howard on the screen. Shocked, Adrian asked him where is Isabella and why he has her phone. Howard then smirked and turned the camera around, showing his bodyguard holding unconscious Isabella in his arms...



Murder Weapon:

  • Molten Gold




Killer's Profile

  • The killer has high blood pressure.
  • The killer uses hazel water.
  • The killer plays the violin.
  • The killer is under 30.
  • The killer wears beads.

Crime Scenes

Basement Stairway Basement Bonus
Mansion Garden Water Fountain Mansion Garden Bonus
Victim's Bedroom Statue Victim's Bedroom Bonus
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