God Save the Father
Season 7
City Laroy Bay
District Erisity District
Case Number 19
Date of Release 23.8.2018
Partner(s) Diane Miller
Preceded by Succeeded by
Really Hot Game (in University) Dead at the Carnival

God Save the Father is a case featured in Criminal Case Laroy Bay.It takes place in Erisity District and it's 19th case of the game.It's also the first one in Erisity District.


Chief David Kuzmanov had day off because he was in shock that his daughter turned out to be violent psychopath that killed around 15 people including police agent David Jones.After a long time,Angie Peters finally decided that she is ready to come back to her job as Tech Expert.Chief gave Diane Chief rank until he comes back.Angie suggested player and Diane to go on a walk.When they reached near local church,Father Von Pratt approached them and greeted them.He said that Erisity District is rumored to be haunted by 2 vampires,brother and sister.Right after he said that,giant cross that was on the top of the church fell on him,crushing him to death.Since cross was made of wood,and visible hatchet cuts were seen on it,they knew that it was a murder Kayla Pieterse,bartender from local bar went to see what happend,but then she broke down in tears because Von Pratt was her uncle,her father's brother.Diane know that people think that Erisity District is haunted,but she never expected someone to kill innocent person because of that.After investigation,team arrested painter Eleanor Longdorn for a crime.Eleanor confessed immediately.She said that Father Von Pratt was a vampire that was drinking people's blood and that he needs to be stopped,along with his unknown sister.Diane and player didn't believe her,neither Judge did,so they sentenced her to 25 years in prison.In Additional Investigation,Megan Alan said that Eleanor might be right about her theory.She found blood bottles in his pockets that had Steven Crowe written on them.Steven said that Von Pratt actually was a vampire and that he really has a sister.Diane and player still think that it is just a myth.But just then,Jack banned into interogation room and said that someone broke into Police Station,ripped heart from Father Von Pratt's body and left message with MY BROTHER'S HEART WILL ALWAYS BE WITH ME.Just then Mayor Martha Price wanted to talk with player and Diane because she thinks that she knows how vampires got into Erisity District.Giant earthquake happend 2 weeks ago and it destroyed half of the district.Under Mayor's mansion,people discovered secret town named Xerda.Juniper and Angie discovered that supernatural beings lived under it,but two vampires were only ones that survived.Appearently,two vampires were acting like humans,they could get killed in various ways (drowning,electrocution,dismemberment).In last 2 weeks,there were many reports of vampire attacks on local festivals or meeting,so team decided to organize a carnival to finally catch vampire sister.



Murder Weapon:

  • Cross




Name Kayla Pieterse
Age 29
Height 5'5''
Weight 134lbs
Eyes Green
Blood Type A+
Profile Is a Christian,Drinks cappuccino,Knows the Bible


Name Martha Price
Age 60
Height 5'5''
Weight 160lbs
Eyes Green
Blood Type A+
Profile Is a Christian,Drinks cappuccino


Name Ernest Pale
Age 30
Height 5'0''
Weight 105lbs
Eyes Brown
Blood Type AB-
Profile Is a Christian,Drinks cappuccino,Knows the Bible
Name Eleanor Longdorn
Age 27
Height 5'11''
Weight 159lbs
Eyes Brown
Blood Type 0-
Profile Is a Christian,Drinks cappuccino,Knows the Bible
Name Seth Turner
Age 35
Height 6'3''
Weight 164lbs
Eyes Brown
Blood Type A+
Blood Type Drinks cappucino

Crime Scenes:

Church Garde-Entrance

Bar-Bar Bathroom

Church rooftop-Small Door

Killer's Profile

  • The killer is a Christian.
  • The killer drinks cappuccino
  • The killer knows the Bible.
  • The killer wears blue.
  • The killer wears gold cross.
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