Go the Globe
A map of Go the Globe.
Type Season
Country Various
Inhabitants Various
Primary LEA Global Law Agency
Appearance(s) Season 2

The whole world comes to investigation in the World Edition of Criminal Case (also known as the second season of the game). Various law enforcement agencies govern certain localities across the globe, but the Global Law Agency serves as the top police force specializing in difficult crimes to deal with by average law enforcement localities.

Unlocking the World Edition

The player must finish Govenlock to unlock it.


World Edition, based on the "world tour"-like premise, features a stylized world map divided into nine regions.

East Asia

East Asia focuses on the relationship and marriage of pop stars Tokko Il-Sung and Mukai Hinato, as well as protecting them from a yandere who calls himself Qingren. It also focuses on Chief Shoko's interests.

Case # Country City Case Name
#1 Japan Japan Tokyo Death at First Sight
#2 South Korea South Korea Seoul Married to the Murder
#3 Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kong Child's Play
#4 China China Lhasa You May Now Kill
#5 China China Beijing Long List of Ex-Lovers


Eurasia focuses on stopping a militant communist organization, Red Union, as well as arresting their true leader. It also focuses on Stella Yankova and her brother, Vadim Yankov.

Case # Country City Case Name
#6 Mongolia Mongolia Ulaanbaatar Flog a Dead Horse
#7 Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Almaty Kaboomstan
#8 Russia Russia Siberia Winter is Coming
#9 Russia Russia Moscow Dead Square
#10 Russia Russia St. Petersburg Red October


Europe focuses on a series of thefts of artwork and writing masterpieces, as well as the organization behind Pyotr Valeryevich. It also focuses on Harry Bowman's harsh past, as well as his abusive aunt, Addilyn Bowman.

Case # Country City Case Name
#11 Sweden Sweden Stockholm A Strike of Mjölnir
#12 Germany Germany Berlin Silent Night
#13 Greece Greece Athens The Midas Touch
#14 Italy Italy Rome Death for Thy Sins
#15 France France Paris Uncommon Sense
#16 United Kingdom United Kingdom London God Save the Queen

North America

North America focuses on the United States' Presidential Election and it's outcome so shocking that it divided the nation with protests all over the country. It also focuses on KALA and it's ties with Isabelle Evans.

Case # Country City Case Name
#17 Denmark Denmark Greenland The Art of the Deal
#18 Canada Canada Ontario Log Off [note 1]
#19 United States of America United States of America Anchorage The Tables Turned
#20 United States of America United States of America Los Angeles The Deathly Gallows
#21 Mexico Mexico Mexico City Climb the Wall
#22 West Indies West Indies Uncharted Island Make America Protest Again

South America

South America deals with a sudden climate change that could destroy the world, which happens to be planned by KALA. It also focuses on Antonio Cruz and his relationship with her sister, Natasha Cruz.

Case # Country City Case Name
#23 Colombia Colombia Bogota Burning Issue
#24 Venezuela Venezuela Caracas Deep Water
#25 Brazil Brazil Brasilia Red Card
#26 Argentina Argentina Buenos Aires Dance of Death
#27 Chile Chile Punta Arenas A Touch of Frost
#28 Antarctica Antarctica Berkner Cold Blooded


Africa focuses on KALA's model cities as well as an organ sale black market that funds KALA's operations. It also focuses on the life of Adashe Chikwava.

Case # Country City Case Name
#29 South Africa South Africa Cape Town Never Never Land
#30 Madagascar Madagascar Antananarivo Murder Construction
#31 Kenya Kenya Nairobi Slay Surgery
#32 DR Congo DR Congo Kinshasa Playing With Fire
#33 Nigeria Nigeria Abuja Doctor in the House

Sahara Region

Sahara Region focuses on Khaled Zuberi's escape and the GLA trying to bring him to justice, as well as a KALA agent in the agency that has betrayed the team. It also focuses on the lives of Haider Ali and Sumiko Chua as they try to catch the mole.

Case # Country City Case Name
#34 Mali Mali Timbuktu Poison-pen
#35 Morocco Morocco Marrakech A Killer and a Scholar
#36 Libya Libya Tripoli Gone to the Dogs
#37 Egypt Egypt Cairo Flatten the Pyramid
#38 Syria Syria Aleppo A Violent End
#39 UAE UAE Dubai The Most Unkindest Cut of All

South Asia

Case # Country City Case Name
#40 Afghanistan Afghanistan Kabul Needle and the Thread
#41 Pakistan Pakistan Naran Jump in the Lake
#42 Nepal Nepal Kathmandu All-time High
#43 India India New Delhi Elephant in the Room
#44 India India Hyderabad TBA
#45 Bangladesh Bangladesh Dhaka TBA


Case # Country City Case Name
#46 Thailand Thailand Bangkok TBA
#47 Malaysia Malaysia Kuala Lampur TBA
#48 link=wikipedia:Indonesia}Indonesia Indonesia Bandung TBA
#49 Australia Australia Sydney TBA
#50 New Zealand New Zealand Wellington TBA




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