Global Protection Agency
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Type Law enforcement agency
Abbreviation TGPA
Headquarters Reykjavík, Iceland
Algiers, Algeria
General nature Law enforcement
Global police
Leader Connor Fawkes (chief of police; formerly)
Logan Jones (chief of police; formerly)
Years active 1888 - present day

The Global Protection Agency acts as the criminal investigation unit in Explore the World.


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The Global Protection Agency investigates murders across the world, searching crime scenes for clues, interviewing witnesses and suspects, and carefully analyzing evidence in order to progress. After gaining all the criteria, the force is able to apprehend the actual killer behind the murder and put them behind bars.


The Global Protection Agency consists of eleven main members (including the player character) with each of them assigned a particular job:

Personnel Age Position Duties Status
Logan Jones 45 Chief of Police Oversees all criminal investigation operations of the agency. Incarcerated
Connor Fawkes 32 Chief of Police/Detective (formerly) Resigned
Player N/A Homicide Detective Performs homicide investigations as the investigator-in-chief of formal murder investigations; brings killers to justice by all means necessary. Resigned
Bradley Bourne 32 Elite Agent Assigned to investigate murders and shady crimes with the player. Active
Riya Laghari 35 Inspector Assigned to investigate murders and shady crimes with the player. Resigned
Nia Naledi 53 Chief Medical Examiner Autopsies bodies of various murder victims, analyzes the murder weapon if necessary, issues new leads whenever possible, and handles anatomic forensics when needed. Active
Anthony Rosewater 36 Lab Chief Handles and analyzes physical, biological, and clinical evidence to help homicide investigators incriminate the killer's identity, and sometimes discovers the murder weapon. Incarcerated
Takagi Miyako 21 Tech Expert Handles and analyzes technological evidence to help homicide investigators incriminate the killer's identity. Also issues new leads whenever possible. Active
Spencer Anderson 33 Profiler Analyzes objects and/or clues that cannot be analyzed by digital, physical, clinical, anatomic or technical forensics, but instead, through psychological analysis. Resigned
Imran Haddid 43 Historian Analyzes objects and/or clues and uses historical, cultural, or linguistic measures to bring or decipher important information from them. Deceased
Penelope Spiros 41 Field and Weapons Expert Assists detectives arrest notorious criminals by gaining outside information and/or using violent measures; performs analysis on weapons. Active
Anya Rusanov 39 Consultant Analyzes handwritings, messages, and photographs that do not require digital, physical, clinical, anatomic, technical or psychological analysis. Active
Anastasia Gardenia 35 Informant Assigned to investigate murders and shady crimes with the player. Also uses her past experiences with criminal work to predict or deduce their course of action. Deceased

Other personnel

Additionally, a few characters have been introduced as members of the police, but do not play as large a role. These characters include:

Personnel Age Position Duties Status
Malcolm Fletcher 39 Agency's Pilot Assigned to fly the Agency's plane across the world per the agency's task to enforce crime. Alive
Raphael Thornton 38 Medic Tends to injured Agency members and injured people the detectives come across in enforcing justice. Alive

Notable arrests


  1. 1.0 1.1 Manages to resist arrest by committing suicide.
  2. Went missing after his transport truck was attacked.
  3. Manages to resist arrest by escaping after his guards prevented the GPA from arresting him.
  4. Manages to resist arrest by escaping via helicopter.
  5. Manages to resist arrest due to diplomatic immunity.
  6. 6.0 6.1 6.2 Manages to resist arrest due to assistance from the MI6.
  7. 7.0 7.1 7.2 7.3 7.4 Arrested after escaping thanks to the Zodiac's master plan to release Zodiac members from prison.
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