Give and Kill is a member secret, it's similar to Crimson Order. Mentioned in Killed In Time. With a leader secret, your name is revealed in the case 10 of User "FanFictionCLP".


  • Cassidy Hernandez
  • Bernardo Sanchez
  • Susana Ramirez
  • Luis Villaroel
  • Antonieta Blank
  • Sandra Blank
  • Luisa Blank
  • Martha Blank
  • Camila Blank

Known Murders Committed

  • Mark Villaroel (Killed in 1875/2014) Murdered for steal the hooby, his brother had first "Luis Villaroel".
  • María Luisa Blank (Killed in 1645) Murdered for an act of Witchcraf, discovered in case 2.
  • Antonieta Blank (Killed in 2014) Killed while going to prison to reveal who was the leader of "Give and Kill"
  • Jenniffer Moralez (Killed in 3294) Killed in the future, in the case 3, in a Fanmade case of FanFictionCLP
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