Give Me Your Hand
Case 108
Season 7
City Laroy Bay
District Santsey Banks
Case Number 35
Date of Release 8.10.2018
Partner(s) Marcus Young
Preceded by Succeeded by
At the Drop of a Hat Win the Battle,Lose the War
Give Me Your Hand is a case featured in Criminal Case Laroy Bay.It takes place in Santsey Banks and it's 35th case of the game also the fifth one in Santsey Banks.


Team got call from a lot of people saying that someone set whole town on fire.Marcus and player,along with firefighters went to see if everyone is okay.After 2-3 hours,team successfuly rescued everyone.However,as they were passing by,they saw a body in one burned house.It was the body of Nora Hardwin,young teenager.

Later on,victim's brother Nathan Hardwin tried to commit suicide by throwing himself in river because his sister is dead and his parents are fighting for their lives at hospital.Team managed to convince him to come with them.

After all this mess,the killer is revealed to be Ethan Nock,student and friend of the Hardwin family.Ethan tried to deny involovment,but he then started crying and confessed.Nora and Nathan's dad is Ethan's father's boss.Nora and Ethan knew each other since early childhood.But they ended their friendship after Nora and most of her new friend bullied Ethan.Since Nora completly changed her personality,2 years later,she convinced her father to fire Ethan's dad,making him depressed.When Ethan heard about this,he went to confront her,but she just laughed at his face.Filled with anger and rage,he grabbed an axe from their garden and chopped off her arm.After realizing what he had done,he dragged her body into her house.Then somebody started a fire and Ethan hoped that fire will destroy the body.He said sorry once again because he didn't turned himself in at the time.Judge Eva Rose sentenced him to 6 years in prison.

In AI,team found Tobias McMinn's phone and found out that his assasin set whole town on town appearently to distract the team so that they could do some damage to Tech Town Tigers and their hideout.Diane Miller and player went to their hideout to warn their leader Daria Lynn,but right after their arrived,they heard a sniper rifle shot comming from their base...



  • Nora Hardwin (found murdered in burned house with her hand and arm chopped off)

Murder Weapon:

  • Axe



Name Nathan Hardwin
Age 24
Weight 160lbs
Eyes Brown
Blood Type AB+
Profile Has a cold,Takes sleeping pills,Has been in prison
Name Ethan Nock
Age 20
Weight 155lbs
Eyes Blue
Blood Type A-
Profile Has a cold,Takes sleeping pills,Has been in prison
Name Brianna Mondy
Age 36
Weight 153lbs
Eyes Blue
Blood Type B-
Profile Has a cold,Takes sleeping pills,Has been in prison
Name Seamus Gully
Age 42
Weight 182lbs
Eyes Black
Blood Type A+
Profile Has a cold
Name Ned Dillard
Age 51
Weight 205lbs
Eyes Blue
Blood Type 0+
Profile Takes sleeping pills

Crime Scenes

Burned House-Dinning Table

Deputy Mayor's Office-Computer


Killer's Profile

  • The killer has a cold.
  • The killer takes sleeping pills.
  • The killer has been in prison.
  • The killer wears dark blue clothing.
  • The killer has a mud stain.
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