Giulietta Capecchi
Giulietta 1-0
Biographical information
Full name Giulietta Capecchi
Gender Female
Status Deceased (Real Timeline)
Deceased (Nullvillian Clone)
Age 19
Nationality Italian-American
Residence Nullville
Profession(s) Mole
Affiliation(s) Italian Gang
From the inside, I can finish what Seamus started.
—- Ex Marks the Spot
Giulietta Capecchi, appearing as a central character in Rising Shadow, was a suspect in the murder investigation of several people across Concordia.

Events of Concordia Flying Squad

Mr Alastor's Call

Let Me Down Gently

That Sinking Feeling

Behind the Mask

Blue Blazes

One Wedding and a Funeral

Ex Marks the Spot

Skillet Bang

A Touch of Sisterly Love

Case Appearences


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