Previosly on Criminal Case

Chief Bennett: Congrats <rank><name>, you and Diaz will pick up the prisoner from Grimsbrough.

Diego: Grimsbrough, its been i while since i was the-

Peter: Quick <name>, you need to see this on TV!

News Reporter: SWAT truck who transpored very dangerous criminal from Grimsbrough was attcked.

Chief Bennett: Shit! Turn that damn thing off. Diaz, <name>, go and investigate place of crime, NOW! And dont miss any datail! We need to find her, quickly.

Chapter 1

Investigate Towm Entrance...

Diego: Big mess <name>, what you found here?

Diego: Just piece of fabric? You are right, color of fabric is orange, like prisoner outfit.

Diego: Kim will analyze it for us, now where is the person who dri-

Hasuro: Oh my head... Wha- what happened here?

Diego: Seat down buddy, <rank><name> need to ask you some questions.

Ask Hasuro about attack...

Diego: If you are ok now, we can start. Tell <rank><name> everything about a attack.

Hasuro: Attack? Oh my head. Attack. I remember i enter the Town when one car cut my trace...

Hasuro: ...i suddenly turn around and i end up in some mind of field.

Hasuro: Then i saw her, Trish, running into the car, i start running for them.

Hasuro: Then somebody, something, i dont know, hit me from my back. I back to truck when i saw you <rank><name>. If i remember anything else i will tell you.

Diego: Do you rember licence plate numbers maybe, color of the car, anything?

Hasuro: Yes, i just cant forget that numbers. FA 50C LK6.

Diego: Ok, <rank><name> will issue a warrtent for that car.

Diego: I dont know for you <name>, but Chief gonna be ma-

Diego: Sorry my phone. Lead Inspector Diego.

Chief Bennett: <name>, drop everything! I got a call from Cold storage, there was a murder.

Diego: But Chief, what we gonna do with Trish?

Chief: I told you, we will do that later, now go and inspect murder scene.

Diego: You hear a Chief <name>, lets put something hot and inspect cold storage.

Investigate Cold storage...

Diego: That woman, look at her <name>. What kind of monster will kill on that way.. Wait i saw that way of murder somewhere.

Diego: On that way Trish killed Jennifer Carter. She look familier, tho... You know her <name>? Oh yes, that hair, face its Trish! Well, karma is a bitch. Ok we know who is our vitim, what about other clues, <name>?

Diego: Only one, again? Its not your day, but what you foun-

Diego: Oh God no, not human remains, that is for sure Trish's flesh and skin but i dont touch it... Yes <name>, i searched tought lots of stuff, vomit, human bones.. name it, but i cant do that to human flesh and skin.

Diego: Also we need to inform Hasuro that his prisoner was murdered.

Examine human remains...

Diego: That clue is so gross, but under them you found.... a DVD Tape?

Diego: Who use that prehistoric stuff anymore? Lets send it to Peter and see what he will find.

Inform Hasuro about a murder...

Hasuro: <rank><name> you back? You found Trish?

Diego: Sorry, but Trish is dead.

Hasuro: DEAD! Like murdered?

Diego: Yes, any ideas who would kill her?

Hasuro: About a 90% of USA,that's why Court decide to send her in Fario Maximum Security Prison. Also i remembered one more detail, she droped her prison cloth, she naked get into the car.

Diego: I dont know hot that will help, but great. Also i am sorry because you will have more paperwork to do about all this.

Diego: You have idea what to do next? Back and search deeply crime scene <name>?

Diego: Ok, lets do it.

Investigate Towm Entrance...

Diego: Anything new glorious <rank>?

Diego: Again one clue? And that is prison uniform... Wait, isn Hasuro said that she had her prison outfit when she escaped.

Diego: Right, mabe killer get back and leave it here. Look this have a hole, same size as like piece we found.

Diego: You want to examine that? Be my quest buddy.

Examine prison uniform...

Diego: What you got there, hair samples? Kim will take care of that.

Analyze Hair...

Kim: Hey guys, i hear you investigate murder of prisoner from another city..

Kim: Thats gonna be intrensting, but yes <name> i know, you re here because of hair sample.

Kim: Hair is mixed with black, DNA from black hair belong to your victim's, but i didnt find any DNA from other hair, which belong to your killer.

Kim: As you guessed, second hair is blonde,so your killer is blond also.

Kim: Good luk with blondy killer <name>.

Analyze Video Tape...

Diego: Peter, my buddy, told me you found something on that tape who will help <rank><name> to arrest Trish's killer.

Peter: No. There is no evidence. Just very angry video.

Deigo: Angry vido, i like 'em. Press play Peter!

Video Tape record...

Sophia: Maybe you dont know me Trish, but i know you very well.

Sophia: You are the one who killed my young sister Jennifer because of stupid reason. Now is my turn pig.

Sophia: I know you will be moved here, in Fario, and i will wait for you..

Sophia: And when you arrive, i will found you and cut every piece of you,slowly until you die in biggest pain!

End of recording...

Diego: Oh God, nothing is worse than sister of victim, believe me <name>.

Peter: I foudn her adress and told her to come here.She will wait for you in interrogation room.

Talk with Sophia arter about a Tape...

Diego: Good day i wish. Now <rank><name> would like to know why you send to, now late Trish Colletti Tape where you say that you will cut her piece by piece.

Sophia: Oh, about... that, that is...

Sophia: ... That is just a threat, i would never kill her.

Diego: Really, judging by your face in video, you sound really serious.

Sophia: Yes, but i never mean it <rank>, i dont gonna lie but i am glad somebody did kill her. She killed by sister because of stupid boyfriend.

Analyze Piece of fabric...

Diego: Kim, my dear Kim, what you found on that piece of fabric.

Kim: Diego are you sure that <rank><name> found this? This is something you would find.

Diego: That's rude Kim.

Kim: Oh, i am sorry Inspector, now even that piee os small and there is nothing special on it, i found fingerprint on it.

Kim: Just found a paper...

Kim: ... There is is, fingerprint belong to ex restorant boss now homeless guy Logan Cox.

Diego: I dont know about you <name>, but Logan seems to live adventure life. Lets ask him what he know about Trish.

Talk to Logan Cox...

Diego: Logan Cox, right? This is <rank><name> from Fario PB.

Logan: Cops? Really, what i did this time?

Diego: I dont know, tell us what, maybe kidnapp somebody and then cut them?

Logan: Kidnapp, killing? That is not me.

Diego: Ok, then tell us why your fingerprints are on piece of fabric from prisoner uniform.

Logan: Why? Five years i live like homeless cunt, even onther homeless people hate me. I just looking for something to you know use like tissue, but that piece of fabri was small and i throw them where i found them.

Diego: Thanks for that, gross information dont go so far until we finish investigation.

Logan: Like i have where to go.

Autopsy Victim's body...

Andre: I gotta say <name> this is one gross murder, i watched documentary about this murder who happened 5 years ago and i never expected that killer will be curdered on worser way.

Andre: Also beside that some piece of her missing, mostly chest and breast which you found them next to her..

Andre: I found trace of eggs on her face.

Andre: They probably got there because our killer slap her... right her. I checked rest of her body and she dont have any trace of eggs. So that mean that..

Diego: ... our killer use eggs. Thanks to you Andre we are closer to ger egg-loving killer.

Andre: Wait <name>, i didnt finish. Murder wepon you loking for is big sharp blade with clean blade, like Butcher Cleaver. Find it to be sure.


Diego: I knew this case would tranfor into this. Missing killer is 90% murder.

Diego: But you are right we need to recap this hell of case.

Diego: Prisoner Trish Colletti, hated by 90% of whole country, judging by Hasuro, was found murdered. You also found her remains of chest... good for you..

Diego: Not just that. She was naked there, if she didnt die by blde she could by cold. Back to case, under her remains was a tape by Sophia Carter, sister of Trish victim Jennifer. Also there is homeless guy Logan who dont like govorment, it seems. Now our next move is, i dont know...

Diego: You think we need to back to...

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

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