Prostitute found dead at a abandon Factory. Used your keen vision to catch that killer.
—Case Teaser
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Ghetto Style
Case 25
Season 1
City Waterborough
District Bronx Hills
Case Number 25
Date of Release 27th December 2018
Partner(s) Courtney Martinez (All Chapters)
Bonnie Pearson (In the Hood 1)
Isabella Rodriguez (1 task in In the Hood 1)
Preceded by Succeeded by
Now It's Your Time
(in Babylon)
Dope Stick
Ghetto Style is a case featured in Criminal Case as the nineteenth case of Season 1, and the nineteenth case of the game. It is the first to take place in Bronx Hills district of Waterborough.


After the events in Babylon, Officer Bonnie Pearson sent a report of an upcoming gang war in Bronx Hills, one of the most dangerous districts in the city. The team then found prostitute Rose Wright killed in an abandon factory.

Mid-investigation, pimp Bentram Paul demands justice for Rose's death. Later, Bentram went ahead and accused Jade Reapers' leader and Isabella's brother, Julian Rodriguez of killing her. The team then found enough evidence to arrest cilent Zackary Morales for the murder

Upon admitting to the murder, Zackery states that he felt in love with the victim but he didn't approved of her lifestyle as a hooker, knowing that someone will try to take advantage of her. He tried to to convince her, but she wouldn't listen. To "save" her, he bashed her on the head several times. Judge Raymond sentence him to 25 years in prison.

Post-trial, the team interrogated Julian who said that his gang would be vandalizing the factory, which they investigated to find, attached to a wall, Isabella's only written manifesto. After the team concluded that the Jade Reapers placed the manifesto to attract Isabella back, she made clear to Julian that she would never go down the path of crime ever again.

Later, the player helped Bonnie stop a robbery in progress at the flower shop. The team decided to keep an eye on the upcoming gang war.



  • Rose Wright (found killed in an abandon factory, her head bashed)

Murder Weapon

  • Hammer


  • Zackary Morales



Killer's Profile

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