Gerald Deckerton (1965-2018) was the killer of high school teacher Darcy Keller in A Fallen Hero (Case #5 of Toomeswood). Prior to that, he appeared as a quasi-suspect appearing in the events of To Pay A Deadly Price (Case #2 of Toomeswood) as well as the events of Too Young To Die (Case #4 of Toomeswood). In Lies And Deceit (Case #6 of Toomeswood), he was slain.


Gerald was the 52 year old now former principal of Perleyville Community Secondary School. He had a bald head with brown eyes. He also wore a black suit with a white dress shirt, as well as a purple tie. He also sports a gold watch on his left hand.

In his first and only suspect appearance, his blazer had a chemical stain and it is discovered that Gerald knew chemistry, used anti-bacterial soap and was hypoglycemic.

At the time of his death, he wore a standard orange prison uniform

Height 6'1"
Age 52
Weight 189 lb
Eyes Brown
Blood B-

Events of Criminal Case

To Pay A Deadly Price

Gerald appeared later on in the main leg of the investigation after home economics teacher Brenda Reynolds reported a physical altercation between coach Brock Rothery and science teacher Jack Princeton. Without even listening to Jack's version of events, he decided that Brock was in the right which infuriated both Jack and Brenda. He also threatened to fire both members of the staff if they were caught harassing the coach any further.

After Brock was arrested for the murder, Gerald confronted and reprimanded Jack about his interrogating the coach, in spite of the proof he found about Brock's abuse of power within 25 years of coaching. However, Jordan backed up Jack by stating that Brock would be reported to the school board and warned Deckerton of the consequences of any further sweeping any breeches under the rug.

Too Young To Die

After the team arrested Julianna Gideon for murder and corruption, Jordan and the player accompanied high school teacher Darcy Keller to demand answers from Gerald about someone in the high school faculty who along with embezzling school funding was ordering attacks on the kindergarteners for a criminal mastermind operating in Columbia Heights. Gerald, however, insisted that there was no such criminal activity going on. He even insisted that he ran backchecks of every teacher in the school, which Jordan was skeptical of reminding him of Brock Rothery's reign of terror. The high school principal then had the team and Darcy escorted out by security. Jordan however, encouraged Darcy to keep investigating further.

A Fallen Hero

Gerald became a suspect when the team found and analyzed a CCTV video of him and Darcy arguing about the victim interfering with his takeover of teaching gym class since Coach Rothery's arrest for killingone of the football athletes. Gerald explained to Vanessa that he had implemented a vigorous workout routine such as lifting no lighter than 30 lb weights and going on a strict diet. He told the team that Darcy protested this idea as she felt such a strict regimen would be problematic, in which he countered that Darcy was in no position to talk about diet and exercise when she often ate takeout and junk food, as well as only doing light walking.

Later on in the investigation, Gerald had expelled cheerleader Elanna Esposito for failing to attend a disciplinary meeting in which the latter's grandfather Fidel Esposito was in attendance.

Gerald was spoken to again when the team found yet another arguement between him and Darcy. Gerald had made it adamant that Darcy was under close surveillance as he did not hire her, the school board did. He also stated that Darcy had no right to question how he ran the school, given that she was fired from Dr.Pearman Elementary for the late Henry Baltimore's investigations on her. He even stated that he threatened to fire her if she so much as held his hiring of Brock over his head as Darcy felt the principal's methods were Draconian.

In the end, Gerald was ultimately found guilty of the murder.Gerald had at first adamantly denied involvement til Vanessa cracked down on him and forced him to admit to the murder. Afterwards however, he pulled the fire alarm to escape before the team could confront him about his motives.He had also broken convicted principal Julianna Gideon out of prison to hold the faculty hostage along with other members of the community such as prostitute Todd Merowitz and vlogger Brad Ryder, Julianna however was gunned down by Vanessa and the player who were accompanied by Jordan went to finally confront Gerald. With the evidence presented against him, Gerald still denied everything and continued to claim innocence. However after the team finally cracked down on him fully, Gerald could no longer hide behind his lies and admitted Darcy had been investigating him for embezzlement of school funding. However he refused to speak any further and the team didn't hesitate to ship the disgraced high school principal to trial. In court, Gerald refused to testify anything which infuriated Judge Whiterock. The football team however, testified against Gerald revealing all of his criminal activities from embezzlement of fundings to desensitizing the students to violence and even hiring a violent criminal to act as his enforcer.Judge Whiterock didn't hesitate to sentence Gerald to life imprisonment without parole.

Chief Bellacoola however wanted more answers from him but before the team could grill him for answers, Emily had informed the team that Gerald had been murdered.

Murder Details

Gerald had been found butchered in his cell. Tazia had confirmed that the killer made no haste to immediately disembowel the disgraced principal as there was no sign of struggle between him and his killer. After his murder, his bloody corpse was dragged and hung in his cell with his guts spilling out. Tazia took note of having seen that kind of killing in horror movies, deducing that the killer watched horror films. She also noted that the killer would have to be physically fit in order to drag and hang his corpse.

Mid-investigation, the team found a chainsaw underneath the Black Trainbridge, which per Tazia's analysis was revealed to be the murder weapon. As she was still shaken up from Miguel's attack on the morgue, the team examined a white substance that was left on the chainsaw which was revealed to be anti-depressants, meaning that the killer took them.

Later on in the investigation, the team investigated the bunk beds in the victim's cell. There they found the bloody rope used to hang his corpse and gathered a blood sample, which per Tazia, revealed that the killer was 44 years of age. The team also found a surveillance camera which showed footage of the grotesque murder, showing the killer in their prison jumpsuit.

Relationship with Suspects

Otis Hausen was subdued for attacking Lucas, he revealed that his cell was across from the victim's cell. Otis who was revealed to have been originally sentenced to life imprisonment for murdering pigs, sent the victim a butchered pig in retaliation for insulting him.Miguel Esposito was immediately arrested for breaking into the morgue and trying to assault Gerald's corpse as retribution for killing Darcy. Gerald had found out that Miguel had been arrested for not only murdering his grandfather but murdering his abusive mother as well. Miguel also suspected Gerald of killing the original principal of Dr.B.A.Pearman Elementary School, Rosie Spears who hired him despite his criminal record in order to give him a clean slate in life.Brad Ryder stormed into the victim's cell to confront him after he was among the hostages captured by Julianna Gideon, on the victim's orders. Brad also was suspicious about Gerald having murdered the high school's former principal, Seamus Scott via tampering with his medications causing him to cough up bloody worms and had replaced the victim's anti-bacterial soap with bloody worms to force a confession.Brock Rothery was revealed to have been part of the conspiracy to turn high schoolers into violent delinquents that attacked the kindergarteners. It was also revealed that he intended to take all of the embezzled school money for himself after Gerald refused to give him a cut of the funds as the victim claimed that he couldn't even keep the funds for himself, which the ex-coach disbelieved.Jack Princeton was found to have been in multiple confrontations with the victim, amid his students growing violent in his classes. Fed up with Gerald's lies, he admitted that he had attempted to blow up the victim's office via fireworks but the fireworks were duds. He also realized doing so would make him no better than the victim or Brock.

Killer and Motives



  • Gerald resembles actor Ian Hart
  • Gerald is thus far the only character to appear as a quasi-suspect, suspect, killer and victim

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