George Wolf
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Biographical information
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Birth 1941
Nationality American
Residence St ronde, U.S
Family Rosa Wolf(daughter)-deceased

Seikoh Wolf(wife)-incarcerated Cassandra Wolf(stepdaughter)

Partner(s) Seikoh Wolf(wife)-incarcerated
Game information
First appearance Homeless Death
George wolf is a influential senior of the subrein district of st ronde and was a suspect in the murder investgations of glen miller in A Neighborly Murder(case 2 of St Ronde) and janah grims in Checkmate(case 3 of St Ronde) as well as making a Quasi- suspect appearance in Homeless Death(case 5 of St ronde) as well as a minor appearance in School Bells (Case 18 of St ronde) before being killed in A Castworthy Murder (Case 23 of St ronde)

events of criminal case

A neighborly murder

George first found himself a suspect when the murder weapon used in Glen miller's murder was a pistol. and more specifically his pistol. George explained that someone probably stole his gun.

George was talked to a second time when he let it slip that he was friends with the victim. When asked why he didn't say he was friends with the victim George just said he didn't want to seem suspicious

eorge was found innocent when Rupert gleason was arrested for glen's murder


George found himself in trouble again when his chessboard was found by the victim's body. George was shocked by his friend's demise he said that he helped Janah with business so much so that Janah was starting to help him.

George was spoken to again when they saw a video argument of him and the victim. George said that out of generosity he gave money to Janah. However on that day he saw that Janah was burning his money tht he gave to him. Which infuriated George

George was found innocent a second time when the team incarcerated Zane Zauber for murder

Homeless Death

after arresting Sebastian doofensmertz's killer,

George came to the station wanting the teams help in locating his daughter. Cassandra Wolf the team accepted this request and returned Cassandra to him. George was happy to know his daughter was safe and sound and thanked the team before going to influential mile.

case apperances

A neighborly murder(case 2 of St Ronde)

checkmate(case 3 of St Ronde)

Homeless Death(case 5 of St ronde)

School Bells (Case 18 of St ronde)

A Castworthy Murder (Case 23 of St ronde)

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