Geoffrey Ecsadus
Full name Geoffrey Ecsadus
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Death 2016
Nationality British
Residence Belfriar, Kensington Heights, England
Family Florinda Charmmfield (Daughter) Graham Charmmfield (Son-in-Law)
Profession Solicitor
Affiliation(s) Ecsadus and Co.
Appearance(s) Cutting Off Loose Ends

Geoffrey Ecsadus was the victim of Cutting Off Loose Ends (Case #2 of Kensington Heights).


Geoffrey had dark hair, and wore a light coat over a beige turtleneck jumper and brown trousers. He wore a flat cap on his head.

Murder Details

Geoffrey was found in his front garden, foaming at the mouth, Duchesse Carne revealed that substances such as iodine, hydrogen peroxide, cyanide and bleach were put into his drink, with Geoffrey being so caught up in work, he didn't know.

Killer and Motives

Florinda Charmmfield, Geoffrey's daughter killed Geoffrey.

lorinda said that Geoffrey treated his financial advisor, Dotty Berk like a daughter. When suddenly, she saw Geoffrey's will, which revealed that Florinda wasn't getting anything. Florinda threatened Dotty, which she then told Geoffrey, who told Florinda that he was going to tell the police, which is what he called the police about, but Florinda was in the room, and poured the chemicals into his tea.

Case Appearance


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