The Geheimnisburg Police Department acts as the primary law enforcement agency in the city of Geheimnisburg.


The Geheimnisburg Police Department investigates murders in the city of Geheimnisburg, searching crime scenes for clues, interviewing witnesses and suspects, and carefully analyzing evidence in order to progress. After gaining all the criteria, the force is able to apprehend the actual killer behind the murder and put them behind bars.


Personnel Age Position Duties
Roger Hamilton 61 Chief of Police Reads and reviews case files, issuing orders, giving out new leads whenever necessary, overseeing all police operations, ensuring cops are bringing justice to the city.
Lara Petrenko 23 Administrative Assistant Reads and reviews files on behalf of the chief.
Player N/A Homicide Detective Performs homicide investigations partnered with either Eric or Candace; in charge of formal murder investigations; brings killers to justice by all means necessary.
Eric Bergstrom 36 Detective One of the two partners assigned to the player; works with the player as a team to solve homicide investigations.
Candace Johnson 25 Officer One of the two partners assigned to the player; acts as the player's sidekick to solve homicide investigations.
Lee Chang 47 Chief Medical Examiner Autopsies bodies of various murder victims, analyzes the murder weapon if necessary, issues new leads whenever possible, and handles anatomic forensics when needed.
Marisol Flores 30 Forensic Expert Handles and analyzes physical, biological, and clinical evidence to help homicide investigators incriminate the killer's identity, and sometimes discovers the murder weapon.
Joel Edelstein 22 Tech Expert Handles and analyzes digital and technical evidence to help homicide investigators incriminate the killer's identity. Also issues new leads whenever possible.
Kelly Murphy 32 Profiler Analyzes objects and/or clues that cannot be analyzed by digital, physical, clinical, anatomic or technical forensics, but instead, through psychological analysis.
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