Gabrielle Dubois
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Biographical information
Full name Gabrielle Dubois
Alias(es) Gabby
Gender Female
Status Alive
Age 24
Birth 1994
Nationality French
Residence France (formerly)


Profession(s) CEO
Family Alistair Dubois (father; incarcerated)

Unnamed Mother

Partner(s) Jean Bernard (fiance)
Affiliation(s) Dubois Labs
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case: Aetherbourne
First appeared Case #1: Dead on Arrival
Oh, my dearest Jean! La mort ne surprend point le sage: Il est toujours prêt à partir!

Gabrielle Dubois is the current CEO of Dubois Labs. She is also the team captain of the Bliss Spikers. She first appeared as a suspect in Dead on Arrival (Case #1 of Aetherbourne) and also appeared as a suspect in Unfair Play (Case #4 of Aetherbourne)

Age 24
Height 5'6"
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Weight 142 lbs
Blood Type AB-
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