I was an OoS member even before you showed up in Venusville, but right few days ago, I finally left this little justice thingey you call Venusville Justice Fighters...
—Gabriel Herrera

Gabriel Herrera (1982-2019) was a main character featued in Criminal Case Venusville where he served as profiler of Venusville Justice Fighters before resigning in Breathing Space (Case #55 of Venusville).

He appeared as a suspect in the murder investigation of security guard Glenn Morowitz in Breathing Space (Case #55 of Venusville) and the killer of Demos Anthony Blackpaw in Of Evil Portent (Case #57 of Venusville) before his death in Falling Apart (Case #59 of Venusville).


37 years of age, Gabriel had black eyes, black hair with gray streaks on the sides near his head, and a five o'clock shadow. He wore a mint green sweater over a white collared shirt.

Now a former profiler, Gabriel had a degree in criminology. He had also lived in Italy for a stint after university. Others easily confided in him due to his genuinely kind and caring nature. He had an interest in history as well as different languages and cultures.

In his suspect appearences, Gabriel wore a red suit over a black vest, white shirt, and red necktie. He also sported a golden Fleur de Lys brooch on his suit.

In his last quasi-suspect appearence, he wore a brown cloak over his red suit.

Age 37
Height 5'9''
Weight 160 lbs
Eyes black
Blood Type AB-

Events of Criminal Case

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Case Appearences

-Case #1 Learn the Ropes

-Case #2 Across the Board

-Case #3 A Conspiracy of Silence

-Case #5 One More to Go

-Case #7 Lunch Off

-Case #8 Take the Heat

-Case #9 Dark History

-Case #10 Hello Neighbor

-Case #11 A Gilded Cage

-Case #12 Arrow of Time

-Case #15 A Rough Diamond

-Case #16 In Low Water

-Case #17 In the Limelight

-Case #18 Arms of Lucius

-Case #19 All Bets are Off

-Case #20 Devil to Pay

-Case #21 No Prey, No Pay

-Case #22 Out of Sight

-Case #23 Bleeding Yellow

-Case #24 Not Set in Stone

-Case #27 Just Roman Around

-Case #28 Face Fallen

-Case #29 Avenue of Escape

-Case #30 Brink of Disaster

-Case #31 A Ball of Fire

-Case #32 Saved by the Bell

-Case #33 Lost in Dark

-Case #34 Buttered On

-Case #35 Act of Disloyalty

-Case #36 The Bird Box

-Case #37 Above the Water

-Case #38 A Bag of Tricks

-Case #39 Stir Crazy


Case #1 Learn the Ropes

Case #2 Across the Board

  • Bracelet
  • Locked Box

Case #5 One More to Go

  • Rubik's cube

Case #7 Lunch Off

  • Spanish threat

Case #8 Take the Heat

  • Magazine
  • Water Bottle

Case #11 A Gilded Cage

  • Pink diary
  • Dog picture

Case #12 Arrow of Time

  • Project ''Lucius''

Case #15 A Rough Diamond

  • Book

Case #16 In Low Water

  • Old Pictures

Case #18 Arms of Lucius

  • Brain Scan

Case #20 Devil to Pay

  • Old diary
  • Demos's photo

Case #22 Out of Sight

Case #27 Just Roman Around

  • Roman Box


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