Gabriel Fernández
Gabriel Fernandez
Biographical information
Full name Gabriel Fernández Enríquez
Gender Male
Status Alive
Birth Barcelona, 17 April 1963
Nationality Flag of Spain Flag of Heroldia Spainish Heroldian
Origin East Area, Heroldia City, Heroldia
Family Unknown
Profession Historian of the Heroldia Police Department
Alma mater Heroldia University
Religion Catholic Christianity
Affiliation(s) Heroldia Police Department
Heroldia University(formerly)
Game information

Gabriel Fernández-Enríquez is the historian of the Heroldia Police Department.


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Hailing from Barcelona, Spain, Gabriel is the 53-year-old historian of the Heroldia Police Department. He wears a black tuxedo with a black tie and a police cap. He has a short hair and a mustache.

Height 5'7"
Age 53
Weight 189 lbs
Eyes black
Blood AB+

Notable Events of Louisgustavo's version of Criminal Case

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Personal Life

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Gabriel's job is to analyze physical objects and/or clues that require historical study and research, such as artifacts, and to return the results after a certain amount of time or a speed-up process using Criminal Case Cash. His task-wait rates will vary depending on the difficulty of the task, but they all cost 1 Criminal Case Cash per 30 minutes.

Below is the list of analyses Gabriel performs throughout the course of the game:

Case #1: Welcome to the Beach

  • Unknown Logo (09.00.00)

Case #2: Thrown by a Stone

  • German Writing (15.00.00)
  • Letter (06.00.00)

Case #3: Third Victim

  • Notes (09.00.00)

Case #5: Catching the Blade

  • Notes (09.00.00)
  • Paper (06.00.00)


Case Apperances

As the one of the main characters in Criminal Case and the historian of Heroldia Police Department , Gabriel almost appears in every cases of Heroldia.


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