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Full Moon Slaughter
General information
Season 1
City Mysteries of Westwood
District Werewolf Valley
Case # 1
Initial release date 30.7.2020
Partner(s) Jacob Anderson
Case chronology
← Preceded by Succeeded by →
- Hook, Line and Screamer!

Full Moon Slaughter is a case featured in Criminal Case where it appears as the first case of Mysteries of Westwood. It's also the first case to take place in Werewolf Valley.


On a very cold night, nighthunters Katherine Nightingale and Jacob Anderson arrived at the train station, awaiting the newest addition to Westwood Supernatural Protection Force. Around 20 minutes later, their's train arrived at the train station and the player approached Jacob and Katherine. After a quick introduction, the player explained that their chief Nicholas Ryder already contacted them and wants to meet them in person. Cleaning his crossbow, Jacob then insisted to accomapny the player and take them to his favourite bar in the city, Graveyard Shift. Later that night, Jacob and player met up with Nicholas, who was excited to have a new nighthunter on their team. Few minutes later, Jacob recieved a call from Katherine, who told them to quickly find her in the forest since one of their biggest allies is dead. Worried by the tone of Katherine's voice, Jacob and player drove off to the forest. After walking through the forest for a while, the team met up with Katherine, who pointed at the mauled body of famous supernatural hunter Luke Fernandez. Saddened by their friend's death, Katherine took care of the body and sent it to their medic Bryce Perkins while Jacob and player investigated the scene. Later on, the duo was forced to suspect another nighthunter and werewolf Cal Lowe along with werewolf pack leader Danielle Rubio, and teenager Emanuel Croteau. After returning back to their campsite, Jacob and player saw a vampire drinking Katherine's blood.

However, before the player could react, the vampire stood up and introduced herself as Moira Bloodworth, the team's chemist. Moira then pricked her fingertip and pressed it against Katherine's neck, healing her wound instantly. After Moira explained that Katherine let her feed, Jacob and player decided to investigate werewolf hideout. Later on, Jacob and player found enough clues to suspect local hunter Alexander Mercier and victim's ex-girlfriend Leontina Brown. The team also investigated victim's van before discovering that Luke stalked Danielle after suspecting that her pack was up to something. A little while later, Cal sighed and confessed that he failed to keep himself secure during a full moon night, thus suspecting that he has something to do with Luke's death. After Jacob comforted Cal, the duo went to inform Nicholas about their discoveries. However, right when they arrived, panicking Nicholas told them that Leontina is going to set herself on fire.

Jacob and player immediately went to find Leontina, who was standing by victim's van, threatening to set herself on fire with a match. When Jacob calmed her down, heartbroken Leontina explained that she broke up with Luke after she discovered that he's a supernatural hunter, believing that he's insane since she didn't believe in supernatural. However, after realizing that Luke was torn apart by a werewolf, Leontina started blaming herself for Luke's death and for not being there for him. After taking the heartbroken girlfriend to their lore expert Vera Reymonenq who calmed her down, Jacob and player investigated the nearby pond. Later on, the pair discovered Emanuel's crazy obsession with werewolves and that Luke accidentally killed Alexander's dog when he was in the forest. After collecting all of the remaining clues, Jacob and player discovered that a werewolf who mauled Luke to death is Danielle Rubio.

The pair then approached Danielle and confronted her about killing Luke. After trying to deny her involovment in the murder, she eventually cracked and confessed that Luke caused his own murder. Danielle explained that her werewolf pack used the abandoned forest mansion as their hideout for full moon nights, saying how it was the only way for young werewolves to remain safe and not harm anyone. However, old grumpy forest witch complained that Danielle's pack is too loud and that they are disturbing all forest creatures. Danielle tried to reason with her, but the witch reported her pack to Luke, who ordered Danielle to leave the mansion and find a new hideout since the witch was threatening them all with a curse. After evicting the werewolves with Luke's help, the witch burned the mansion down to the ground. Danielle sighed, saying that her pack had nowhere to go and had no hideout for full moon nights. Last night, after failing to protect herself, Danielle turned into the werewolf, hunted and mauled Luke to death. Danielle then apologized, saying how she knew that something like that was gonna happen and that Luke technically caused his own murder by evicting the werewolves from their hideout. The pair then brought Danielle to Nik, who said that her pack will decide what's the best for her, but since the murder was an accident, Danielle doesn't need to face a harsh punishment. After Danielle left, Nik suggested that they should help the werewolf find a new and better hideout.

Later that night, Katherine and player spoke to Nik about his idea for werewolf hideout. Nik suggested that they should search the forest clearing and see if there's anything that could help them find a new werewolf hideout. Katherine and player then investigated the forest clearing and found a broken sign. After putting the pieces back together, the sign showed a forest house nearby. The team then spoke to Alexander about the house, who said that whoever goes into that house never comes out and that it's under some sort of a curse. The team then got approached by Vera, who said that she knows how to break the curse. After collecting all of the needed ingredients, Alexander lead Vera, Katherine and player to the haunted house, where Vera performed a spell, breaking the curse. After confirming that there is nothing supernatural left in the house, the trio informed Danielle about their new hideout. Danielle thanked the player for helping her pack and promised that she and her pack will always be there to help before turning into a werewolf and disappearing in the forest.

Meanwhile, worried Cal approached the player, saying how there is something he has to reveal. Cal explained that his little brother Donny Lowe went missing yesterday and that he couldn't contact him at all. Jacob comforted Cal, promising him that Donny is a strong young werewolf and that he's probably fine. After comforting Cal, the trio investigated the forest pond and found a broken moonstone necklace. After piecing it back together, they sent it to their vampire chemist Moira. Licking Katherine's blood from her lips, Moira revealed that the necklace belongs to Donny, much to Cal's dismay. After inspecing the necklace further, Cal remembered that Donny's best friend Loup Goldfang has the exact same one. Thinking that Loup might know something about Donny's whereabouts, the trio interrogated the young werewolf, who was heartbroken to hear that his best friend is missing. After showing him the necklace, Loup said that Donny would never take it off since that necklace is the symbol of their friendship. Rubbing his forehead, Loup said that he saw Donny talking with Luke Fernandez yesterday, prompting the team to search Luke's van, where they found Donny's phone that they sent to Noah. Cold and not really bothered Noah revealed that Donny's last Buzzer post was about going to the drive-in movie theatre with his date. Cal sighed, saying how he needs to find his little brother fast.

After all of these events, the team comforted Cal about his brother's disappearence, promising him that Donny is alright. As they were discussing their next move, Moira told them that she's actually going to meet up with her vampire friend at the drive-in movie theatre. Knowing that the drive-in theatre was where Donny was last seen, Nik ordered Cal and player to investigate and find more clues about Donny's disappearence...



Murder Weapon:

  • Werewolf Attack




Killer's Profile

  • The killer knows werewolf lore.
  • The killer likes gardening.
  • The killer drinks cocktails.
  • The killer has O+ blood type.
  • The killer wears camouflage.

Crime Scenes

Forest Clearing Timber Forest Clearing Bonus
Victim's Van Victim's Bed Victim's Van Bonus
Forest Pond Wooden Bridge Forest Pond Bonus