Frost Utari
Biographical information
Full name Frosthearth Utari
Alias(es) Nemesis
Gender Female
Status Alive
Birth ?? ?????? ????
Personal information
Nationality Flag of Australia Flag of Indonesia Australian-Indonesian
Origin Multinationality Australia/Indonesia
Past profession(s) unknown
Notable relationships
Family unknown
Partner(s) unknown
16 For WAR
Game information
Appears in 16 For War
First appearance The Needle Pit
Frostheath Utari is one agent of 16 For War


Frost was hired by Bacchus to kill everyone at 16 For War, she never confirmed anything, but decided to take part to avenge for diversion.

She wears only a swimsuit with a coat tied around the waist and a scarf-shaped coat. She has a face full of piercings, her hair is painted pink and blue, she also wears a quiver, a bag of knives, a smoke bomb bag, a katana on the back and a crossbow on the waist.

Unlike Alyh and Bacchus, she never really called her work, just hunt them for fun, her intention was not to kill, but to hurt. She saw the winner form another 16 For War, but did not agree to help again.


  • Aldrian was also part of the Frosthearth character building.
  • His favorite participant was Yuki Onama, for being weak and always needing a person to guide him.
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