Fredrick Jones was the killer of his employer, William Sharma, in Constructing The Tower Of Murder (Case 10 of St Ronde


Fredrick wears a yellow and blue blazer. It is known that he reads J.K Rowling...

Eventa of Criminal Case

Fredrick was dirst interrogated whrn the team learned he qorked under William Sharma. He said that William was the best employer a man could have and was sad to see him gone

Fredrick was interrogated again for calling William a dictator. Fredrick said that William was way too controlling. He made them work from dawn to dusk with notbing but crumbs to eat.

Fredrick was ultimately found giulty of the murder. Opon admitting giult, Fredrick said that he just got rid of a slaveowner nothing more nothing less. He said that William was especially harsh on the afircan-american workers he saw how William abused them ovwr and ovwr again with a whip. Fredrick rwsolved to remove William to protect the many anf threw him off Sharma tower. Fredrick lagjed with glee watxhing William fall to the ground saying it was ecstasy. Fredrick was sentanced to 25 years in prison with pyschatric consuling

Case Appearances

Constructing The Tower Of Murder (Case 10 of St Ronde

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