Frankie Goes to Hollyoaks
Season 1
City Hollyoaks
District Hollyoaks Centre
Case Number 5
Date of Release 22 December 2015
Partner(s) Ben Bradley
Preceded by Succeeded by
Blooming into Darkness Dicing with Death
Frankie Goes to Hollyoaks is the fourth case of Criminal Case: Hollyoaks Edition. It was made by Kit.

Case Background

Within minutes of recieving news that Frankie Osborne had been killed, the team searched around the village to try and find any clue of her whereabouts. In the end, the team found Frankie. She had been tied to a lamp post and then been hit by a car. Among her body, the team found a torn photograph and a sheet of paper. When examining the torn photo, it was of Frankie's husband, Jack Osborne. The team had to speak to him at once. Secondly, the sheet of paper was revealed to be a message from Esther Bloom. Frankie's granddaughter. The autopsy results said that the killer can drive. At the end of the investigation, Peri Lomax was found guilty of killing Frankie. When asked why, Peri said that Frankie was practically evil. Peri said that once, Frankie locked Peri in a basement for three hours because she stole some vodka. Peri was sentenced to 7 years in prison.

After the case was over, Jack Osborne, Esther Bloom and Tony Hutchinson were at the station. Jack said that he and Frankie had been married for a while, and he hadn't told her, but he had lost their wedding ring during the investigation. The team found it buried and returned it to Jack. Esther said that she had lost a photo of her and Frankie from when she was young. The team found it and returned it to her. Tony said that he wanted to put something that Frankie liked on the menu, but had lost some of the ingredients. The team found them and returned them to Tony.


Jack Osborne


Weight 189lbs
Age 61
Height 5'8
Eyes Brown
Blood B+

Esther Bloom


Weight 153lbs
Age 19
Height 5'6
Eyes Blue
Blood AB-

Grace Black

Co-Owner of The Loft

Weight 130lbs
Age 30
Height 5'4
Eyes Blue
Blood B+

Tony Hutchinson

Owner of The Hutch

Weight 157lbs
Age 38
Height 6'1
Eyes Blue
Blood O-

Peri Lomax


Weight 110lbs
Age 16
Height 5'6
Eyes Brown
Blood O+

Killer's Profile

  • The killer can drive.
  • The killer has brown hair.
  • The killer drinks tea.
  • The killer has long hair.
  • The killer is female.
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